Saturday, March 13, 2010

Current Affairs Quiz 2010 - 56

1.      Recently which country offered their nationality to the India’s most celebrated artist M.F. Hussain?
a)Saudi Arabia    b)Kuwait     c)South Africa    d)Qatar    e)UK
2.      To which Country India has given a $1 billion line of credit, the biggest it has given to any country?
a)Nepal     b)Srilanka     c)Bangladesh    d)Haiti    e)none of these
3.      Viktor Yanukovych is newly elected President of _____________?
a)Libya   b)Uruguay   c)Bulgaria    d)Ukraine    e)none of these
4.      The index of six core industries registered a growth of ____ percent in January 2010?
a)4.2%    b)5.5%     c)6.9%   d)8.0%    e)9.4%
5.      Which country honored the Niwano Peace Prize 2010 to social worker Ela Bhatt for her contribution to uplift of poor women in India?
a)China    b)Japan    c)Singapore    d)Sweden   e)Maldives
6.      Recently Sachin Tendulkar created world record by scoring 200 runs in ODI’s. He scored against ______?
a)Srilanka    b)New Zealand    c) Bangladesh    d)South Africa   e)Australia
7.      The Indus Waters Treaty is a water-sharing treaty between the India and _______?
a)China    b)Bangladesh    c)Pakistan    d)Nepal    e)Bhutan
8.      Which State Government has decided to give up to Rs.1 crore to SC/ST Entrepreneurs without collateral security to encourage them as Industrialist?
a)Andhra Pradesh    b)Gujarat     c)Kerala    d)Uttar Pradesh   e)Tamilnadu
9.      Recently which country approved the genetically modified Potatoes?
a)Europe    b)Srilanka    c)South Africa    d)US  e)Brazil
10. Which state launched the scheme ‘Kalaignar Housing Scheme’ aimed at providing concrete houses to poor?
a)Kerala    b)Karnataka     c)Chhattisgarh  d)Uttarakhand     e)Tamilnadu
11. Which team lifted the 2010 Vijay Hazare Trophy?
a)Bengal    b)Karnataka    c)Tamilnadu   d)Maharashtra    e)none
12. Which of the following is the largest selling car in India in 2009?
a)Maruti Alto     b)Hyundai i10    c)Tata Indica    d)Maruti Swift   e)Hyundai Santro
13. Recently which State Government has declared Sanskrit as the second official language of the State?
a)Kerala     b)Tamilnadu     c)Uttarakhand    d)Andhra Pradesh    e)Karnataka
14. In which country Ministry of Tourism held an Incredible India Road show to promote Commonwealth Games 2010 in January 2010?
a)US    b)UK    c)Trinidad    d)South Africa   e)France
15. According to the 2010 Quality of Life Index, published by travel magazine International Living, India is ____ best country to live?
a)34th    b)49th    c)54th    d)73rd   e)88th
16. Who is the Chairman of the Committee on Comprehensive Regulation for Credit Rating Agencies (CRAs), set up by the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance?
a)Kaushik Basu    b)K.P Krishnan    c)A. Vasudevan    d)Rakesh Mohan  e)None
17. The world's first On-Line Electric Vehicle (OLEV) was introduced in ________?
a)Japan    b)China    c)South Korea    d)Singapore   e)Malaysia
18. A high-level committee headed by Sam Pitroda has submitted its report on state-run telecom operator BSNL to the Department of Telecom (DoT). Which of the following is true regarding the report?
a)Disinvestment of 30% government equity
b)Recommended that four independent business units for fixedline, mobility, enterprise and new business should be created.
c)To reduce the Staff by one-third from the present 3 lakhs employees.
d)Both A & B
e)All the above
19. Nisar Ahmed Kukru is appointed as the Chief Justice of ______________?
a)Andhra Pradesh    b)Rajasthan     c)Jammu and Kashmir    d)Delhi   e)None
20. Which Country has agreed to sell four Mishral warships to Russia?
a)Israel    b)France    c)US    d)UK   e)China


Anonymous said...

Hi varun,

Thanku so much for your wonderful efforts for all of us.
I have given SBI po exam recently.I did well in GK but my english portion was not good as i found it difficult.can you please tell me how to prepare for that.

I am very upset because after a great hard work i will not be able to clear this exam.Please reply soon.

raghunadh said...

Hello Varun Sir
Please verify my answ

1 . d)Qatar
2. c)Bangladesh
3. d)Ukraine
4. e)9.4%
5. b)Japan
6. d)South Africa
7. c)Pakistan
8. a)Andhra Pradesh
9. a)Europe
10. e)Tamilnadu
11. c)Tamilnadu
12. a)Maruti Alto
13. c)Uttarakhand
14. d)South Africa
15. e)88th
16. b)K.P Krishnan
17. c)South Korea (In Seoul).
18. e)All the above
19. a)Andhra Pradesh


What is the answer for 20th question ragunadh?

Anonymous said...

why did u posted answers so early varun...

sourabhi said...

yeaa plzzz answer d 20th question...

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