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Quiz on Union Budget 2010-11 and Economic Survey 2009-10

1.      How many crores are allocated for National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA) in the Union Budget 2010-11?
a)100 crore    b)250 crore    c)500 crore    d)1000 crore    e)2000 crore
2.      Which of the following is true regarding Income tax slabs in the Union Budget 2010-11?
a)No Income tax up to Rs. 1.8 lakh
b)10% for income above Rs. 1.8 lakh and up to Rs. 6 lakh
c) 20% for income above Rs. 6 lakh and up to Rs. 8 lakh
d)30% for income above Rs. 8 lakh.
e)All are true
3.      How many crores are allocated for Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in the Union budget 2010-11?
a)37,100 cr    b)40,100 cr    c)48,000 cr    d)32,000 cr    e)None of these
4.      The Minimum Alternate Tax(MAT) has been changed to ____ from 15% on book profits of Companies?
a)16%    b)12%    c)18%    d)14%    e)remain unchanged.
5.      In the Union Budget 2010-11, Rs. 16,500 crore are allocated for Public Sector Banks(PSB) in order to attain a minimum of ____ percent Tier-1 capital by March 31st, 2011?
a)8%    b)6%     c) 11%     d)5%    e)10%
6.      How much amount is allocated for Mahila Kisan Sashatikaran pariyojajana to meet needs of women farmers in the Union Budget 2010-11?
a)50 crores     b)75 crore    c)100 crore   d)125 crore    e)200 crore
7.      What is the target set for agriculture credit flow for the year 2010-11?
a)3 lakh crore    b)3.25 lakh crore  c)3.5 lakh crore   d)3.75 lakh crore   e)none
8.      What is the proposed Fiscal Deficit for the year 2010-11?
a)4.8%    b)7.8%    c)5%    d)6.9%    e)5.5%
9.      To which of the following schemes there is a 700% increase in the Union Budget 2010-11 over the previous budget?
a)Rajiv Awas Yojana     b)Indira Awas Yojana    c)Pradhan Mantri Gram Adarsh Gram Yojana    d)National Social Assistance Programme   e)National Rural Health Mission
10. What is the Total amount used in the Union Budget 2010-11?
a)12akh crore    b)9 lakh crore    c)10 lakh crore    d)11 lakh crore   e)none
11. How many crores are allocated to the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for 2010-11?
a)120 crore    b)500 crore    c)1,600 crore    d)1,000 crore    e)none of these
12. What is the expected GDP growth in the fiscal year 2009-10?
a)7.7%     b)6.9%    c)7.9%    d)7.5%    e)7.2%
13. Which of the following is true in the Union Budget 2010-11?
a) Government will raise Rs35,000 crore from divestment of its stake in state-owned firms.
b) Rs200 crore provided for climate-resilient agriculture initiative.
c) Rs1,73,552 crore provided for infrastructure development.
d) Rs500 crore allocated for solar and hydro projects for the Ladakh region in Jammu & Kashmir.
e)All are true
14. In the Union Budget 2010-11, Rs. 1,47, 344 crore are allocated for which of the following?
a)Rural Development     b)Defence    c)Infrastructure    d)Social Service   e)Energy
15. Government to give ______ for each National Pension Scheme account opened by workers in the unorganized sector?
a)Rs. 400    b)Rs. 500    c)Rs.800    d)Rs. 1000   e)Rs. 1500
16. Which of the following is not true in the Union Budget 2010-11?
a)Rs.2,600 crore allocated for ministry of minorities affair.
b) Banking facilities to be provided to all habitations with a population of 2,000 and more.
c) Central excise duty on all non-petroleum products raised to 10% from 8%.
d) Gross tax receipts pegged at Rs7,46,656 crore for 2010-11, non-tax revenues at Rs1,48,118 crore.
e)100%  percent hike in allocation for schemes for women and child development.
17. A/c to the Economic Survey 2009-10, India is the ____largest Gold holding nation at 557 tonnes in the World?
a)3rd     b)8th     c)5th    d)10th    e)11th
18. A/c to the Economic Survey, India is placed at which place in Wireless Network mobile users in the World?
a)first    b)second     c)Third    d)fourth    e)fifth
19. As per the Economic Survey 2009-10, India is ranked fourth in the World in terms of foreign exchange reserves at $283. Billion. Which country having the world’s largest foreign exchange reserves?
a)China    b)US    c)Japan    d)Russia    e)none of these
20. Which of the following is true regarding Economic Survey 2009-10?
a)Gradual roll back of stimulus steps unveiled in the wake of the global financial meltdown.
b) 4.34 crore households have been provided employment under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) in the fiscal year 2009-10.
c) Infant mortality rate (IMR) is expected to fall below 30 in every 1,000 live births by 2012
d) The Indian pharmaceutical industry has become the third largest in world in terms of volume.
e)All are true
2 Q: For correct tax slabs visit this link.
11 Q: 1900 crores
16 Q: Only 50% hike.




This is AS.RAAJ VIJEY, an IAS aspirant.

I have been searching for many sites and blogs for current affairs etc besides, reading news paper, watching NDTV, reading competitve magaines not to leave any important info by neglience etc.

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Anonymous said...

Can u give us the answers for this one?

tushar said...

Answers for Quiz on Union Budget 2010-11 and Economic Survey 2009-10

1. c)
2. d)
3. b)
4. c)
5. a)
6. c)
7. d)
8. e)
9. a)
10. d)
11. e) Ans. 1900 Cr
12. e)
13. c)
14. b)
15. d)
16. d)
17. d)
18. b)
19. a)
20. e)

Good Work..........Keep it up!!!!!!!!!

Narender Jangra said...

Ans:Quiz on UB 2010-11
1. c 11. e (1900 cr.)
2. d 12. a (7.75%)
3. b 13. e
4. c 14. b
5. - 15. d
6. c 16. d (guess..)
7. a 17. d
8. e 18. b
9. b 19. b
10. d 20. -

Hi..VH..thanks for keeping ur invalueable guide to current eco.
affairs.i found ur blogs url in Jan2010 and visit atleast 5 times in a regards of forthcoming
Bank PO exams...

Pls.. More Ques. on Marketing Appti....

pavan said...

1)500 cr(2010-11)
7)3.75lakh cr
8)5.5% of GDP
9)Rajiv awas yojana
10)11lakh cr
11)none(1900 crore)
13)all are true
17)tenth largest
18)third position

sonu said...

Hi,I am a regular reader of this blog.Could you plz restore the background to the previous form.It is too difficult to read this.

Sunil Kumar G said...


Varun Reddy said...

Hi Sonu,
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pavan said...

Hi Varun,

The General awarness section for bank po exams now having almost equal importance for current affairs and computer & marketing knowledge.
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Jayant B said...

Hi Varun,

India is on 11th in terms of Gold Reserve.

Varun Reddy said...


->One thing jayant, irrelevant to the question asked by you..banks follow the government data.
->Banks does not follow private organization.

Now coming to your question you have a doubt that India is 11th place in gold reserves...but i have given 10th place in the quiz? a/c to the Wiki. It is correct data that india holds 11th place in gold reserves in he world.

A/c to the 13th finance commission report, India is 10th largest holding NATION in gold reserves.

Both are correct...

what happened is 13th finance commission report did not include the IMF as it is not a COUNTRY, it is a organization, whereas Wikipedia combined the country's and organizations to list the Largest gold its shows india as 11th place.

You have to understand the question.!!!