Saturday, January 23, 2010

General Knowledge 2010 quiz - 47

1.      Which among the following constitutes maximum share in power generation in India?
a)Nuclear power   b)Solar power   c)Hydro Power    d)Wind Power   e)Thermal Power
2.      The 2009 APEC Summit held in ________?
a)Thailand   b)Hong Kong   c)Malaysia   d)Singapore   e)Vietnam
3.      Fiscal policy means ______________?
a)Credit policy   b)Planning policy    c)taxation policy   d)Subsidy Policy   e)Foreign Policy
4.      Which of the following is the largest exporter of Tea?
a)India   b)Brazil   c)China   d)Srilanka   e)none of these
5.      ‘Majlis’ is the parliament of which of the following countries?
a)Iran   b)Pakistan    c)Afghanistan    d)Turkey   e)Iraq
6.      Which of the following is India’s first indigenously built multi-barrel rocket launcher?
a)Akash   b)Pinaka   c)Trishul    d)Nishant    e)Arjun
7.      Who became the third batsmen to reach 12,000 ODI runs?
a)Sanath Jayasuriya    b)Sachin Tendulkar   c)Ricky Pointing   d)Rahul Dravid   e)none
8.      Who is the first Indian to win the World’s Billiards Championship?
a)Subhash Agarwal    b)Geeth Sethi   c)Pankaj Advani   d)Manan Chandra   e)Anuja Thakur
9.      Recently Barack Obama completed one year term as the President of US. He belongs to which party?
a)Republican Party   b)Labour Party    c)African American Party   d)Peoples Party   e)Democratic Party
10. Who is the newly elected President of Croatia?
a)Zlatko Tomcic   b)Ivo Josipovic    c)Stjepan Mesic    d)Vlatko Pavletic   e)none of these
11. A/c to UNESCO, which of the following is the Largest University in the World?
a)IGNOU    b)California State University    c)Islamic Azad University   d)B R Ambedkar Open University    e)Osmania University
12. Which of the following won the Gold in Men’s category in the World Team Chess Championship held in Turkey?
a)US    b)India    c)Russia   d)Ukraine   e)China
13. ‘Open’ is the Autobiography of __________?
a)Michael Jackson   b)Cristiano Ronaldo    c)Barack Obama   d)Andre Agassi   e)none of these
14. Who won the Doha WTA Championship?
a)Venus Williams   b)Kim Clijsters   c)Justin Henin   d)Ana Ivanovic   e)Serena Williams
15. Which of the following countries having World’s Largest Uranium Reserves?
a)Australia   b)Canada    c)Russia   d)Kazakhstan   e)France
16. The Union Government approved the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) that aims at adding 20,000MW of power in India by _______?
a)2012    b)2015   c)2020   d)2025   e)2022
17. Stephen Harper has visited India in November 2009. He was the Prime minister of _______?
a)Mongolia   b)Russia   c)New Zealand   d)Canada   e)Argentina
18. Global Fund has approved USD 2.4 billion Grant for India to fight ________?
a)Climate Change   b)AIDS   c)Malaria   d)Tuberculosis   e)b, c & d.
19. The government has reconstituted the Scientific Advisory Committee to the Prime Minister, who is the Chairman of the Committee?
a)Venu Srinivasan    b)C.N.R. Rao   c)A.K.Sood   d)R.A.Mashelkar   e)Madhavan
20. Ashok K.Kantha has been appointed India’s High Commissioner to _______?
a)Australia    b)Maldives   c)Srilanka   d)Thailand   e)Malaysia 


kirtisundar said...

3.taxation policy
4.none kenya
7.ricky ponting
8.geet sethi
9.democratic party
10.stjepan mesic
13.andre aggasi
14.serena williams

dibyajit bordoloi said...

Varun can u tell worlds largest producer of GOLD, STEEL, RUBBER, URANIUM, TEA, COFFEE, RICE, SUGAR, CEMENT, CRUDE OIL, PETROLEUM, WHEAT, COTTON, TOBACCO, FISH. Include some imp. if u knw 4m ur side plss.. in a proper way thanks.......

dibyajit bordoloi said...

Largest Uranium is Canada i read some where clear me Varun..???

Harivanam said...

BOI general awareness:
1.First e-court started in?
2.fiscal deficit target?
3.Basic point of RBI?
4.Which committee was constituted under chairmanship of N.R. Narayana murthy?
5.Miss earth 2009?
6.CHOGM summit?
7.Book by chetan Bhagat?
8.Irina Bokova is the new cheif of?
9.Who attended for EU summit from india?
10.NREGA full form?
11.Foot ball related word?
12.17000 runs by?
13.Dada sahab phalke award in the field of?
13.Legand of honour,Lata Mangeshkar country?
14.200 tonnes gold for india by?
15.20yrs completed summit for?(Fall of Berlin wall)
16.New pension Plan for the age group of?
17.3rd largest producer of steel?
18.500crores for which state?
19.Dorji khandu cm of? before madhav kumar of nepal?
21.foreign trade policy by?
22.Natural gas producer?
23.Question of Ntpc?
24.South East asian summit?
25.WTO head meet in?
26.7 billion dollar loan by?
27.Highest growing sector in 2009?
28.Service tax imposed by? gave reform package to bank during recession?
30.Maximum export for india?
31.Question regarding loans?
32.Question regarding Brazil?
33.Question regarding shares or bull market?

Harivanam said...

some more questions:
34.which one is not a food crop?
35.Question related to rashtriya swastya bima yojana?(life or health scheme)?
36.Question on core banking?
37.Question related to IIP?
38.Rajya sabha bill for?(not exactly)?
39.On Derivatives...?
40.stocks and bonds are traded by?

varun reddy said...

largest Producer of Uranium - Canaa.
largest Reserves of Uranium - Australia.

nix said...

Bravo!!! keep it up

shruti said...

Can anyone mail me at or update on your site full details monthwise of days and its celebration like 1 may is celebrated labour day.

shubhra said...

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Yogesh said...

Yeah i am totally agree with dibyajit bordoloi its Canada. Around 23% of world's total uranium found in Canada where as in Australia 21%.

Yogesh Singh

taki said...

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