Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Computer Awareness Quiz 2010 - II

1.      For the purposes of defining data needs, a responsibility area is
a) Marketing b) Personnel c) Administration d) Finance e) None
2.      The problem statement should include all of the following except:
a) Input. b) Output. c) Processing d) Storage e) None
3.      Hotmail, a free web-based email service operated by which company
a) Apple b) Rediff c) Microsoft d) Yahoo e) Google
4.      A collection of 4 binary digits is known as
a) Half Bit b)1/2 KB c) Byte d) Nibble e) None
5.      How many types of arithmetic operations does the ALU of all computers perform?
      a)     2 b) 4 c) 6 d) 8 e) 5
6.      Which of the following is not a part of the CPU?
a) Arithmetic and Logic Unit
b) Storage Unit
c) Program Unit
d) Control Unit
e) None
7.      Which of the following is not a unit of measurement in computer systems?
a)DPI b)PPI c)API d)Bd e)MB
8.      In Windows XP, which shortcut is used to cycle through opened items in taskbar?
a) Ctrl + Tab
b) Alt + Tab
c) Ctrl + Esc
d) Alt + Esc
e) None
9.      A digital computer compute the value of expression 2 * 5 - 2 >2 inside
a) RAM b) CPU Chip c) Hard Disk d) Floppy Disk e) MS-Excel
10. To produce a high-quality graphics (hardcopy) in color, you would want to use a
a)Virtual Printer b)Laser Printer c)Ink-jet Printer d)Plotter e)RGB Monitor
11. Which of the following is fastest memory ?
a) DDR RAM b) DDR2 RAM c) DDR3 RAM d) Swap Memory e) Buffer Memory
12. Which protocol is used by operating system to generate error message like
‘Host Unreachable’ over a TCP/IP network?
a) HTTP/1.1 b) ICMP c) PPP d) ICGM e) TCP/IP
13. What does SNMP stands for?
a) Simple Network Mail Protocol
b) Single Network Mail Protocol
c) Single Network Message Protocol
d) Simple Network Management Protocol
e) None
14. On a school computer, Tina learned how to copy programs. A classmate asked her to copy a program for his home use. Her most ethical response would be which of the following?
a) I'll copy it, but you have to promise not to tell anyone.
b) I don't know how to copy disks.
c) I can't copy it because it will break copyright laws.
d) I'll copy it for you, but you can't copy it for anyone else.
e) None
15. Which of the following is not true?
a)LOGO stands for Live On Google’s Orkut
b)BIOS is a system software
c)GRUB is a Linux bootloader
d)Ruby is a web scripting language
e) LILO is a Linux bootloader
16. What is the function of Drop Cap?
a) It does not allow capital letters to be used in the documents.
b) It makes first letter of each word capital letter in the documents
c) It lets you begin a paragraph with a large dropped initial capital letter.
d) It automatically starts all paragraphs and sentences with capital letters.
e) None
17. What is Mail-Merge?
a) a web based e-mail service with no spam
b) a name of Yahoo! MINDSET search feature
c) a new virus-hoax which can delete data from mail-inbox
d) a feature of MS-Word used to create multiple documents like letters,
mailing labels, name tags etc.
e) None
18. In MS-Excel 2003, the default workbook sheet contain maximum………
a) 65535 Rows b) 65536 Rows e) 1048576 Rows e) 65537 Rows c) None
19. In MS-Word, a menu item in dim color (gray) indicate that the menu is ?
a) Toggle Menu
b) Unavailable for current context
c) Not much required menu
d) Over Used Menu
e) None
20. Hot-Key is a
a) FireWire port
b) Alternate Key
c) Keyboard Shortcut
d) Primary Key
e) None
Note: Submitted by Narendra.


harpreet said...


graphics said...

1. c
2. c
3. c
4. d
5. a ( Addition & Subtraction)
6. b
7. c ( DPI = Dots per Inch,PPI = Pixels per inch,
API = Application programming Interface
Bd = baud rate ( not sure), MB = Mega Byte)
8. b
9. b
10. b
11. c
12. b
13. a
14. a
15. a LOGO = Language of Graphics Oriented)
16. c
17. d
18. a
Excel 2003 - No. of Rows 65535, Colms - A-Z,AA,AB...IV(last col.) total 256 colms
Total cells 16,777,216 cells
Excel 2007 - No. of Rows 1,048,576, No. of cols = 16,384
Total cells = 17,179,869
19. b
20. c


harpreet said...

hello varun
some of the answers you have posted are unbelievable !!! i mean i think some of them are wrong(like Q.No.1,7,8,9,10,11,12,18) will you justify these by some clarification or by sending some links corresponding to the questions.thax

Narender said...

hi...varun noon

plz..check my post again...

ans. of que no.19 was b i.e.(Unavailable for current context) in the post.
u highlight it as make a correction..


Varun Reddy said...

Explain/define your answers to Harpreet to the above questions he mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Hai..... Amarinder here.
The answer for 8th question is ALT+TAB.
U Can Check it on ur desktop or laptop by pressing those keys.

Thanks & Regards,

Narender said...


Q-1....Personnel Department Now called human resources (HR) department..which is responsible for defining needs of an organization..for more...chk this link


Q-7- in above cmnts 'graphics' makes clear each unit..API are used to communicate with OS's kernel..

Q-8 - Alt+Tab is used to switch to desired running app. by choosing it from Dialog Box used to cycle through order of applications in which they opened in taskbar...

Q-9..ALU is not a part of RAM.

Laser Printer: - Laser printer uses LED-technology to obtain small particles of toner from a
cartridge onto paper. They produce high quality text and graphics on plain paper. They are generally more economical to use than the ink of inkjet printers.

Plotters Printer: - Plotter used for printing vector graphics picture. Unlike other printer
Plotters print by moving a pen across the surface of a piece of paper. Plotters printer is the
best way to produce color high-resolution vector-based artwork, or very large drawings efficiently.

for more check this link

Q-11 Buffer memory is other name of CPU's Cache Memory..which is fast than any type of Ram

Q-12 Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) is used to communicate to the original source, the errors encountered while routing the packets, and exercise control on the traffic.

check this link :

Q-18 - Excel worksheet contain 65536 Rows it start from 1 instead of 0(as in case of memory array)
search google..also

at last u should mk cmnts in short forms..firstly, try to get information from internet/any othr source...be4 making cmnts...ok


graphics said...

Hello Narendra..

Very nice and knowledgeable quiz u presented here.. Very useful in all type of exams where we have general computer questions like Bank P.O, Clerk, MT and others..

One confusion regarding question no.5 if u can explain what are the 5 Arithematic operation CPU can perform.. I heard about addition and subtraction only with the help of these two operations it can perform all other operations..
Note : You ask only Arithematic operations not logical operations..

Check this

Maybe I interpret question wrongly.. Pls clarify the question..

Sorry to comment on excellent work you are doing..


Anamika said...

sir i want to know that wat r the overall percentage of marks(655 or 60%) one should score so that even if the inertview will be ok there will be fair chances of selection for a SC candidate
PLz provide me the info abut abov mentioned query

Narender said...

hello Graphics..

1st of all five common AM operation are : ADD, MUL, DIV, SUB and Negation/Uniary operator(also performed by Arithmetic part of CPU) performed by each ALU of CPU.

ques. was abt how many types of am operations only... bt in concern to ur cmnts...

8-Bit ALU are rarely used in today's microprocessors which make use of SUB and ADD operations to perform MUL and DIV using shift operators heavily...

the modern Pentiums fetch data 64 bits at a time for their 32-bit ALUs.Data Width is the width of the ALU.An 8-bit ALU would have to execute four instructions to add two 32-bit numbers, while a 32-bit ALU can do it in one instruction which also is an actual reason of processor speed...more data bus are available to perform various types of ALU operations simultaneously...

32 bit Multiplication and Division ALU Design Based on RISC Structure which is a CPU design strategy....

search info for RISC/CISC CPU