Sunday, June 6, 2010

Copied from this Blog

Hi Friends,
I don’t know whether you know about the blog, but this blog is copied content from my blog. One of my well wisher found that the some of the topics are copied from this blog to the above mentioned blog and informed me. The author of the above blog did not take any  permission from me and or even he did not keep my blog name in his blog, rather than keeping my blog, he kept an watermark ‘theonlinegk’ in PDF format and kept an option download in his blog.
->Here you can view the PDF version.
    The original content from my blog.
->Here is another one copied from this blog(Open in a new Tab)

 The original content from my blog.
->Another one copied…
    This is original content from my blog.
Finally my words are..I would appreciate him if he keep my blog in his posts or delete the copied post in his blog. I really thankful to the well wisher( I don’t want to reveal his/her name) who informed me.


jaya said...

Varun Sir,
its good dat u informed all of us.. ur blog is one of the most visited blog & does immense help in our preparation.Sir, i think the other blog owner(one who has copied contents) should apologies immediately....

dadu said...

aap apna kaam kiye chalo..aoron ki fikra mat karo..west wishes

Anonymous said...

Varun sir, this is only one example of copying content from this blog some people are running there whole coaching and providing notes to the student. I dont want to disclose its name but its true.

Anonymous said...

dont worry about that copy work.People believe only reality not fake or duplicate works.We will never believe other websites.

Anonymous said...

That persons profile page

I’m Ashu from Rajasthan (India)I’m a simple & ordinary guy like you all. I believe in simple living. I like net surfing, reading, listening music, watching Hollywood movies, playing cricket, Bike riding & making new friends.

I created this website on 29 September 2009 with an aim to help those peoples who preparing for competitive exams.

Varun Reddy said...

If you want to support to this blog to provide a good and useful content throughout the years and to save this blog from piracy..and copied content Please...please send the details to Your name and details are not published/exposed.