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Bank PO Interview Questions - 2010

Corporation Bank Interview Experience(28-06-10) - I
·        The list of Questions that were asked in the three Men Interview
·        Tell me something about yourself apart from the details given in the Bio-Data
·        Why do you want to join bank?
·        What is Banking? How is it different from Saving Bank of Post Office?
·        Difference between Karnataka and Jharkhand Economy? (as I am from Jharkhand)
·        Today’s Headlines?
·        Similarity between USA and India in-terms of Economy?
·        How many bank exams have you appeared for?
·        Do you know the costing of Civil Engineering?
·        What are your hobbies?
·        What is NEFT?
·        What is the difference between million and a billion?
·        What is the buzzing word of India’s economy?
·        What action is the RBI taking? What is the final impact on the Economy?
Submitted by Alfred.
Corporation Bank Interview Experience – II
·        You have done Chemical Engg and worked in RIL, then why do you want to join a bank?
·        What do you know about Corporation Bank?
·        What are the functions of RBI?
·        Do you have any account in any bank. Which type of account and what is the interest rate payable on it?
·        What is the difference between Savings account and Current Account?
·        What are your strengths and weaknesses?
·        What is a debit card and what all can be done with it?
·        What is your family background?
·        Are you willing to work anywhere in India?
Allahabad Bank PO Interview Experience
·        Tell me something about yourself?
·        Why do you want to join a bank as you are a chemical engineer and worked in 2 good companies?
·        If in a rural branch in which you are posted, someone asks you for loan or money on gunpoint what will you do?
·        What is a Bank?
·        What are various activities and functions in a bank?
·        What is Distillation?
·        What is Coal Tar?
·        Your Hobby is reading Bhagavad gita. What do you read in it?
·        Cite some slokas from Bhagvad Gita?
·        How can you say that banking sector is fast growing?
Submitted by Karun Dhamija.


Yashpal said...

Hello varun sir,
above ques really very useful. Please also give some answers,suggestions regarding the questions asked in Interview, It will be also useful for us.

sumit said...

UCO bank 1000 clerk vacancy.. starts from 21 july

graphics said...

Hello Varun..
I have Interview of SBI-AB on 23 July 2010 at DELHI.. You are doing wonderful job by helping all the people who are preparing for competitive exams.. I want one favor from your side..
If you can post common general questions asked in interviews and their answer also then it would be very much beneficial for all of us...
Questions :

1. Your are from IT field and have 5 years of teaching experience then now why you decide to join Banking sector..
2. Your are finally selected in SBI-AB bank clerk in year 2009 then what are the reasons why didn't you join(Should I tell them that I am selected??)in my case salary is the main reason..
3.Why SBI not other bank because I appeared in SBI-AB and SBI only not other bank,preparing for NABARD also now..
4. What are the work responsibilities of a PO in a Bank??

Question no. 1 & 2 very much important for me.. please post answers..

One more question I want to ask.. I cannot submit character certificate of last attended institute would this matter a lot??


Anonymous said...

Hi Varun,

Please tell some positive points about banking industry..

And also what should we say for the que

"How could say banking industry is fastest growing and challenging?"

chetna said...

Hi varun,

Thanks a lot varun for insight in real time interview....hats off to u... mine int is on 26 july for sbi and 6 aug for idbi....

Anonymous said...

2467 clerk vacancy in bank of india

Anonymous said...

hi varun benificial job yarrrrr.liked it

Anonymous said...

Dear Varun
plz post the last GK paper of CBI po held on August 2009

Akash said...

as u may b knowing dat vancy for rbi executive intern hs cme.. in its eligibility critera along wid 60% in graduation they hv written :
"GEN/OBC/SC/ST/PWD(HI/VH/OH) candidates must also possess skills relating to Information Technology. For this purpose, they must have successfully completed any Certificate Course related to Information Technology."
i hv dne bachelor of computer applications wid 64% marks.the things which ppl study in certification course of I.T. dat i hv already studied in B.C.A. curriculum.. wat do u think m i elligible??
plz reply its really means a lot to me....

jaya said...

Hi Varun Sir,
Please put ur updates on how many to attempt in how much time for CBI po exam this sunday...

graphics said...

Hello Friends
I attended interview on 23rd Jul 2010 for SBI - AB.. at Delhi in morning batch 8:30.... Panel 1..
It was very good..
I reached at 8:15 my name was first in the list.. already document verification is going on.. They called my name I submit my
documents.. They checked it very carefully, Certificate part specially..
After 9:30 they completed document verifications.. Each panel has 13 candidates..
In our panel 2 did not attend the GD/PI.. one candidate was disqualified as he did not submit NOC from current job..
so we remain 10 in our panel..
They give batch to each candidate and ask us to sit in a conference hall with one notebook and pencil provided by them..
They keep Number plate in front of each candidate..
Then four senior level AGM/DGM/GM level people came and give introduction and instructions for GD..
First 5 mints is given to each candidate to speak out and then 1 mint is given if anyone want to speak..
They give us Topic "Judicial Reforms is a need of an hour"
Then all started speaking one by one...
GD completed.. Myself is first one so they call me immediately after GD for interview..

There are four members..
Member 1 : Ask questions about my home city.. Who founded your city?
How far airport from your city??
Tell me the name of few hotels of your city as I am from Tourist city..
As I write in hobby astrology so ask few questions regarding astrology..
Who done State Integration of our country?? Sardar Vallabhai Patel
Is Saradar Vallabhai patel Sikh?? No
Then what Sardar use for?? It's his designation
Who gave this designation?? Mahatma Gandhi
Why he gave?? Kisaan Andoolan at Bardoli
What are the changes from 1947 to till date regarding development in India?? Given ans..
You are very religious ( as I wear Laache in my hand) ask regarding that also??
Ask few religious question..
Then Member 2 started:
What is the capital of your state?? Given ans..
What is major crops of your State?? Given ans..
What is the production of that crop last yrs.. Didn't give ans.. (kya kya yaad rakhe)
What is the production per hectare.. No option ( didn't give ans..)
What type of legislation you have in your state.. Given ans.. only Vidhan sabha we have,,
What is dual legislation?? It is state having both Vidhan Sabha and Vidhan parishad..
IN which state we have dual legislation?? Given name of state and also tell that Tamil Nadu is in process..
Who is chairman of Rajya Sabha?? Hamid Ansari
Why he is chairman of RS?? As he is Vice president of India
What are the functions of Rajya Sabha?? Given ans..
IN GD you tell that judges are also Gunda can your justify it?? Given reason for that..
What do you mean by police verification of Judge in GD you specify this?? Given ans..
DO you know how judges are appointed?? Don't know
Pagal kaar diya Constitution ke baare mai pooch pooch ke :(((((((((((

graphics said...

Then Member 4 started:
Tell me something about your city??? Given ans..
What the companies in your city?? Given ans..
He ask about one company??
Few questions about Raja and Rajvadi system.. Given ans..
Question about my current job...
Why apply for SBI only not other banks..
You already selected in SBI clerk last year then why you didn't join ?? Given reason

Then Member 3 started..
In GD you specify about Right to Education is that already included in constitution?? Under which amendments.
I told them yes it is constituted and 86th number amendments.. They not convinced..
Are you sure that RTE bill passed I told yes 100% sure they still not convinced.
Tell procedure how a amendments are made in constitution??
Told them that 2/3rd majority in RS and LS both and 2/3 majority of Vidhan Sabha of few states then give to president..
Can you tell majority of how many states required?? don't know :((((((((
Under which article amendments in constitution specify?? don't know
Under which articles Fundamental rights are defined?? Given ans..
What is constitution?? Given ans..
What you read for SBI Interview?? told them RR,RRR,CRR,SDR,SLR and etcc..
They said it is common for all banks what special you read about SBI?? Given ans..
What are the functions of Bank?? Given ans..
If bank do not provide loan is it beneficial?? Money should be in circulation..
What is current news in today's newspaper?? Give ans..
What is the rate of Laptop today launched by Kapil Sibal?? Rs. 1500 and Rs. 750 for Students
What subsidy is given by govt. for laptop?? 50%
What is the advt.. of using this Laptop?? Given ans..

Total time I think 25 mints they had taken for interview..

Pagal kar diya Constitution ke baare mai pooch pooch kar.. They said your are giving interview at Sansad Maarg you should
know about constitution.. :(((((
I got free by 11:30 with all reimbursement of ticket and refreshment..
Overall it was very good GD and Interview both.. Now it based on written marks too..
Good LUCk for others..

jaya said...

Hi Varun Sir,
Its been long since u posted any new topic...what happened? i am eagerly waiting for ur next update.

aniket said...


Rohitha said...

hi varun,
discuss about the general awareness question asked in central bank of India july 25 2010.

nitisha said...

hey varun,
i m thankful to you as you post all bank po papers on your site ,I would like to know that why not Central bank po paper,exam held on 25th july is not posted this tym on ur site?
I would be thankful 2 u ,if u can post it on ur site
thank u:)

Anonymous said...

hi varun
plz post d anwers of certral bank po paper held on 25th july.

chetna said...

hi varun,

finished of giving sbi(AB) po gd pi on 26 july in chandigarh
my gd topic was empowerment of women.
first dey gave evrybody a chance to speak and den short discussion was done

my int question

1. tell me something abt urself

2. what will I do if posted in rural area

3. cleft lips..
as I hav work exp so regarding my work exp
4. about raja ram mohan roy
5. how will I show my managerial skill as I told dem I m join bank from IT bcaz i wan to b in admin line
6. den IT ceo whos wife are in chrity work

most imp dey r checking confidence level...

Anonymous said...

my interview for bank of baroda was on 28th of august 2010 in kolkata at 1 pm. But the interview started only after 3

and the questions were
1 why po after mba?
2 what is crm
3 what is ltv
4 what is cross selling
5 ne probs in relocating
and a few more personal questions thats it.....

Anonymous said...

germany won the women's 2010 world cup defeating nigirea and 2nd runner up was korea

udayaditya said...

Sir Iam going to fac SBI PO GDPI at bhopal on 6th october 2010
I hvae given only this banking related exam , Iam a MCA student from Indore (MP) .Can anybody help me
regarding GDPI thing ,PI pattern, documents t be taken to the centre and necessary information.
Plz send me mail at =>
plz help me

Anonymous said...


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