Thursday, July 1, 2010

General Knowledge Quiz 2010 - 73

1.      The Index of Industrial Production(IIP) registered a ______ growth during 2009-10?
a)13.5%      b)15%     c)7.7%    d)10.4%    e)none
2.      Who became the first player to score 1000 T20 international runs?
a)Virender Sehwag     b)Chris Gayle    c)Yuvraj Singh     d)Suresh Raina
e)Brendon McCullum
3.      The Environment Ministry has set up a 19-member committee to study in detail the implementation of the Forest Rights Act, 2006. Who is the chairman of the committee?
a)M. Shankar      )S Goplakrishnan     c)Devendra Pandey     d)N C Saxena    e)none
4.      Mohan Makhijani popularly known as Mac Mohan recently passed away. He was well known person in which of the following?
a)Politics      b)Sports      c)Movies    d)Painting    e)none
5.      With which country India decided to double their trade from $16 billion to $32 billion in next five years?
a)Malaysia     b)Singapore     c)Switzerland    d)Nepal    e)none
6.      Which of the following ministry has bought cotton and cotton waste under the restricted list for exports?
a)Ministry of Agriculture    
 b)Ministry of Finance
 c)Ministry of Commerce and Industry
d)Ministry of Consumer Affairs
7.      Who won the Khar Gymkhana All-India Men's Open Tennis Tournament?
a)Aditya Madkekar      b)Saurav Sukul     c)Ronak Manuja    d)Yannick Nedlord   e)none
8.      Which city hosted the 15th Asian Squash Championship 2010?
a)Delhi     b)Chennai     c)Hyderabad     d)Chandigarh    e)none
9.      Which Country won the 2010 Uber Cup(World Team Badminton Championships for Women)?
a)China     b)Indonesia     c)India    d)South Korea    e)none
10. Who is the author of the book ‘Courts and their Judgements’?
a)Vikas Swarup     b)Pratap Sharma    c)Arun Shourie     d)Mrinal Pande    e)none
11. Which of the following organization has won the sponsorship rights of Indian cricket team?
a)Bharti Airtel       b)Reliance     c)Yahoo     d)Sahara     e)none
12. Who has been honoured with “Goodwill Ambassador” title for the promotion of handloom-Khadi industry in Kerala?
a)Amitabh Bachchan       b)Mammootty     c)Mohanlal    d)Amir Khan    e)none
13. Which country has taken over 400,000 hectares of Russian land on lease for agricultural purpose?
a)Japan      b)India     c)Kazakhstan     d)Ukraine    e)China
14. What is the maximum amount that the customers can draw through ATM in a day at present?
a)Rs 25,000       b)Rs 50,000     c)Rs 1,25,000     d)Rs 30,000    e)none
15. In which of the following city Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee unveiled the centralised processing centre (CPC) of the income tax department to enable faster refunds to tax payers?
a)Bangalore       b)Chennai     c)Hyderabad      d)Ahmedabad       e)none
16. Who is the Chairman of the committee to build India’s first indigenous civilian transport?
a)K. Kasturirangan      )V.K Saraswat      c)K Radhakrishnan      d)Madhavan Nair    e)none
17. What is the full form of NFS in banking?
a)Network Financial System
b)National Financial Service
c)National Financial Switch
d)Network Financial Service
18. Which country has decided to set up a nuclear city that would use atomic energy for peaceful purposes, especially in industry, agriculture, mining, desalination and medical field?
a)Saudi Arabia       b)Iran     c)India     d)Japan    e)none
19. Which of the following does not come under BASIC countries?
a)Brazil       b)South Africa      c)Russia    d)China    e)India
20. In India, National Doctors Day is annually celebrated on _______?
a)June 30th      b)July 2nd      c)June 1st     d)July 1st     e)none


janvi sharma said...

1) 10.4%
2) Brendon McCullum
3) S Goplakrishnan
4) Movies
5) Singapore
6) Ministry of Commerce and Industry
7) Yannick Nedlord
8) ................
9) India
10)Arun Shourie
14)Rs 50,000
16)Madhavan Nair
17)National Financial Switch
18)Saudi Arabia
2)July 1st

Annu said...

1. c
2. e
4. c
5. b
7. c
8. b
9. d

Manu said...


aditya said...

sir which answer is correct in this quiz(73) you have not mention any answer and i also face a problem when i copy data it will copied in the form of small tables please take care of this and i am very thankful to you for providing such an important informations

Anonymous said...

please carry on with your new stlye of displaying answers.. thank you........

Varun Reddy said...

I did not get you?

sahil said...

1. d)10.4%

2. e)Brendon McCullum

3. d)N C Saxena


5. b)Singapore

6. c)Ministry of Commerce and Industry

7. a)Aditya Madkekar

8. b)Chennai

9. d)South Korea

10. c)Arun Shourie

11. d)Sahara

12. c)Mohanlal

13. e)China

14. b)Rs 50,000

15. a)Bangalore

16. d)Madhavan Nair

17. c)National Financial Switch

18. a)Saudi Arabia

19. c)Russia

20 d)July 1st (happy doctor's day!!!!!)

thankx Varun.....for ur above nice questions!!!!!

Neha said...

Hey Varun cn u plz plz provide sm details regarding d topic- Caste based census 2011.
Lyk sm points in favour nd sm pts against.Thnx a lot in advance.

Sudhir said...

1. 10.4%

2.Brendon McCullum

3. NC Saxena

4. Movies

5. Singapore

6. Ministry of Commerce and Industry

7.Aditya Madkekar

8. Chennai

9. South Korea

10. Arun Shourie

11. Sahara

12. Mohanlal

13. China

14. none, Its 1 lac and one can shop upto 1.25 lac by debit cards

15. Bangalore

16. Madhavan Nair , India’s first indigenous civilian transport aircraft

17. National Financial Switch

18. Saudi Arabia

19. Russia

20. July 1st

Sushanta said...

Varun, RBI has recently increased the ATM withdraw in a single day to Rs. 1Lac. .........where u r writting as 50k.

Pls confirm

Varun Reddy said...

Actually ATM withdrawal per day depends on the banks...It varies from bank to bank. Most of the banks offer Rs 50000 atm withdrawal per day.
Only few banks will be offering 1 lakh withdrawal from ATM like ICICI, HDFC.
So at present Rs 50,000 is maximum.

Sushanta said...

thanks Varun for the clarification

soundarya said...

canara bank 2010 general awareness

1)recently india gave 1 billion dollar loan to- bangladesh

2)victor Yanukovych is president of -ukraine

3)sdr issued by -imf

4)laura chinchilla is president of - kostarica

5)present repo rate-5.5%

6)reservations for women in indian parliament is-33%

7)which country is providing resevations for women in parliament like india -

8)who presented 2010-2011 budget in lok sabha-pranab mukerjhee

9)which country celebrated 149 death anniversary-

10)manmohan singh on his visit to saudi arabia signed deal on-
energy sector

11)summer olympics 2012 to be held at -London

12)south africa currency -rand

13)ela bhatt is assosiated with -

14)earth day -april 22

15)which country opposed the visit of dalailama to america-china