Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Central Bank Of India PO GK Paper-2010

1. India has an agreement with which country regarding distribution of Indus river water?
Ans : Pakistan
2. Which one of the following is an award given by UNO?
Ans: Kalinga Prize(UNESCO)
3. Which one of the following is associated with cricket?
Ans: No Ball
4. Which one of the following is a trophy associated with Hockey?
Ans: Rangaswamy cup.
5. Who won the Hockey world cup held in India this year?
Ans: Australia
6. Which one of the following is not related to Banking?
Ans: Radiation
7. The government has decided to provide new banking license. Which body in India issues license for banking?
Ans: RBI
8. Moorti Devi Award is given in the field of?
Ans: Literature
9. India recently applied for ___ billion SDR. SDR is associated with?
Ans: IMF
10. Surjit Patter is famous _____ poet?
Ans: Punjabi
11. Indira Gandhi Canal is in which state?
Ans: Rajasthan
12. What is the full form of NAV usually used by Mutual Fund companies?
Ans: Net Asset Value
13. What is RBI’s GDP growth prediction for the fiscal 2010-11?
Ans: 8%
14. 34th National Games will be held in which state?
Ans: Jharkhand
15. When is World Water Day celebrated?
Ans: 22nd March
16. Which of the following is used in nuclear reactor?
Ans: Uranium
17. Which company is not under defence ministry?
18. India recently signed an agreement for supply of LNG with the country which is the largest producer of LNG in the world?
Ans: Qatar
19. Which one of the following is a not a missile developed by India?
Ans: Pinaka (is a rocket launcher)
20. Which country is not on the list of high industrial production countries?
21. Who is the director of the movie”Oye Lucky Lucky Oye”?
Ans: Dipankar Banerjee
22. USA recently passed a resolution for protection of nuclear assets throughout the world. Which one of the following is an step taken by US in this regard?
Ans: Organized a nuclear security summit
23. The insurance by banks is better known as?
Ans: Bankassurance
24. Which one of the following is not related to finance?
Ans: Convergence(Don’t know exactly)
25. Sandra bullock has been awarded with Oscar in which category?
Ans: Best Actress.
26. RBI recently hiked the CRR by 25 basis point ?What will be the effect?
Ans: Banks have to deposit more money with RBI
27. ADAG companies were in news recently for making good profits. ADAG companies is better known as?
Ans: Reliance Companies
28. Other than CO2 which gas found in water has become a threat to living beings?
Ans: Methane(found in sea and marshy areas)
29. Ajit Wadekar has been recently honored with?
Ans: None of these
30. Who is the head of 19th Law Commission?
Ans: PV Reddy
31. What is the definition of Mutual fund?
Ans: ?
32. Who is the writer of SOLE?
Ans: Rana Gupta
33. In ONGC OPL….OPL stands for?
Ans: Oil Prospecting License
34. Vinda Karindakar is a famous personality in the field of?
Ans: Literature
35. Commonwealth Games will be held in which country this year?
Ans: India
36. Plain vanilla currency option is associated with which instrument?
Ans: Forex(Don’t know exactly)
37. India recently decided to soften the FDI norms? Which body in India is the regulatory body for FDI?
Ans: Finance Ministry (Not sure??)
38. Who won the National Women’s Football Cup 2010?
Ans: ?
39. What is the effect of increase in Repo Rate?



Hi,varun so good of u.
I feel pleasure knowing, you r back again.


please guide me :
i am a pg in maths.I would like to get selected in bank officer post.
i am good at maths,gk,computer,marketing.
how much time should i give to prepare.
Also,i want to know, is there any procedure to know marks scored in bank po exams.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Varun,

Thank God tumne kuch update kiya, i thought pata nahi tum kaha chale gaye... Thanx 4 updating.


Anamika said...

if know more ques plz share

Yashpal said...

Thank you varun sir, after so many days you have posted this information. we are eagerly waiting for your post.

jaya said...

Hi Varun Sir,

38. Who won the National Women’s Football Cup 2010?
Ans: Manipur.It was the first option.
The match was played between Manipur and Orissa.Manipur won by 1-0.

Thanx for publishing the paper. Looking forward to more GK updates.

Anonymous said...

this paper is very tough
hardly we can score 30

AKASH said...

as u may b knowing dat vancy for rbi executive intern hs cme.. in its eligibility critera along wid 60% in graduation they hv written :
"GEN/OBC/SC/ST/PWD(HI/VH/OH) candidates must also possess skills relating to Information Technology. For this purpose, they must have successfully completed any Certificate Course related to Information Technology."
i hv dne bachelor of computer applications wid 64% marks.the things which ppl study in certification course of I.T. dat i hv already studied in B.C.A. curriculum.. wat do u think m i elligible??
plz reply its really means a lot to me....

amit said...

hiiiiiiii varun thanx 4 giving answers.........

Nitisha said...

hey varun
thank u so much :)
In all,there were 50 questions ,I know 49 of it,I can tell rest questions.
Thanx again

nitisha said...

Rest Questions are :-
40)Topic discussed in BRIC Summit-MOSCOW DECLARATION

41)India made deal on Satluj River Project With :- BANGLADESH

42)The process of Artificial water application on plants is called-IRRIGATION

43)What are the renewablw forms of energy(wind,solar or nuclear energy)-Wind and Solar Energy

44)Right to Education Act -?
45)According to PM of India ,Poverty will reduce to half by year?- ?

46)The book written by author Kiran Desai-THE INHERITANCE OF LOSS

47)Define Bank Rate-Rate of interest @ which RBI charges on loans

48),49),-asked related to mutual funds,that I don't remember,as they were in the form of A,B,C only

nitisha said...

It is writter of book "SOLO",written by Rana dasgupta,winner of Commonwealth Writter's Prize,He is youngest n first writter to win this.
Its nt ranagupta,its ranadas gupta

sanjeev said...

Thanks for sharing.Another question was
book written by kiran desai : the inheritance of loss

chinu said...

Hi, Varun can u say the cut off marks in cbi po

Rohitha said...

hi varun,

thank u very much for your post.

Anonymous said...

can anyone guess what will be the probable cutoff in cbi p.o exam??/

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

as the paper is tougher compared to previous bank papers, I think cutoff will be 50% in every section and the overall cutoff 135 to 140. what say guys and girls????

Anonymous said...

satluj flows to pakistan why sud bangladesh be interseted in it

amit said...

hiiiiiiiiii 2 all.........!one of questions asked in central po that frm which organisation INDIA has taken EDUCATIONAL LOAN? can any one tell de rite answer.............? mine was WORLD BANK!

uday said...

hi varu , u r giving excel ant information but one thing i want to tell u that u r providing only one option like this
Which one of the following is not related to Banking?
Ans: Radiation
if u place the remaining options also we will get more information that before.
thank u take care

Gourav jain said...

Germany won the women fifa world cup 2010.