Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Current Affairs 2010-11

1.      Who has been elected as the President of Indian Newspaper Society for the year 2010-11?
a)K.N Tilak Ram     b)Rakesh Sharma     c)Kundan R.Vyas     d)V.Shankaran      e)none
2.      Recently who among the following conferred with ‘Taj Enlighten Tareef Award’?
a)Leela Naidu     b)Shabana Azmi      c)Javed Akthar    d)Both a& b    e)none
3.      Base Rate of banks is fixed by ______?
a)RBI     b)Finance Minister     c)Both a & b     d)Banks    e)none
4.      India is the ___ Largest Producer of Vehicles in the World?
a)third       b)fifth     c)seventh     d)second     e)none of these
5.      ______ is a Insurance Regulator in India?
a) TRAI    b)SEBI     c)BSE      d)RBI     e)IRDA
6.      Micro Credit in India comes under ________?
a)Private Banking      b)NBFC    c)Rural Banking     d)Cooperative Banking    e)none
7.      What is the present limit for money transfer in RTGS?
a)`1,00,000     b)`1,50,000      c)`2,00,000    d)`2,50,000    e)`5,00,000
8.      Which is the only Asian country represented in the G-8 group?
a)India      b)South Korea     c)China    d)Japan   e)none
9.      Bad Loans can be described as NPA (Non Performing Assets) in banking terminology?
10. A/c to the recent report of ADB, what is India’s urbanization rank in Asia(% of population living in urban areas)? 34th.


Rakeysh said...

1. c
2. b
3. a
4. c
5. e
6. e
7. c
8. d
9. ______
10. 34th Rank with 29.4% population living in urban areas

Anonymous said...

Answers as follows:
1) Kundan.R.Vyas(Janmabhoomi Group)

2) Shabana Azmi

3) Banks ( I think so)

4) Seventh



7) 2,00,000 ( 2 lakhs )

8) Japan

9) Bad debt

10) 34th rank ( just 29.4% of india's population is living in urban areas)


Liza said...

Answers of Current Affairs 2010-11 :

1. c)Kundan R.Vyas

2. b)Shabana Azmi

3. d)Banks

4. c)seventh

5. e)IRDA

6. c)Rural Banking

7. c)`2,00,000

8. d)Japan

9. Bad loans : loans where repayments are not being made as originally agreed between borrower and lender and which may never be repaid.

10. A/c to the recent report of ADB,India’s urbanization rank in Asia(% of population living in urban areas) is 34.

sivasankar said...


1) Kundan R.Vyas
2)Shabana Azmi
4)7th laregest producer of vehicles
7) 5 lakhs
8) Japan
9) Non Performing Assets
10) 34th Rank

Anushree said...

Present limit for money transfer thru RTGS is Rs. 2,00,00...Is it da minimum limit or the maximum limit...Plz quote both min & max limit for money transfer thru NEFT too. Thanks in advance. :)

Varun Reddy said...

It is the minimum amount to be sent from RTGS.There is no maximum limit.

Anonymous said...

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Naren said...

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