Monday, November 23, 2009

Corporation Bank PO General Awareness Paper 2009

1) Which of the following is not a core sector?
ANS:Road Transport

2) Late YS Reddy belongs to which party?
Ans:Congress(not given in options)

3) Mahila Court in Every district in which state?
Ans:Andhra Pradesh

4) Nepal Republic day
Ans:May 29th

5) Pankaj Advani belongs to which sport?
Ans:Snooker(not given in Options)

6)Bank rate-6%

7)SLR-25%( not given in options)

8)World Green index Top position-India

9) Awacs from - Israel

10) UEFA Champions Leauge won -Barcelona

11) RBI Technical Committee-Usha Thorat

12) PM did not contested from any of the given Constituenties
Ans:is none(not given in options)(He is Rajya Sabha Member from Assam)

13) FIFA World Cup 2010-South Africa

14) Mardika cup related to - FootBall

15) Deep Joshi awarded - Ramon Magsaysay Award

16) Nirupama Rao - Foreign Secretary

17) Four cabinet Women ministers elected in  - Kuwait

18) Sajjil-2 missile tested by - Iran

19) Gas pipeline between - Iran & Pakistan

20) Tiger Summit-Rajasthan

21) Nepal Republic Day- May 29th 2009

22) Who won the Spanish International Badminton Tournament champions - Sayali Gokhale

23) CEO of the Year by Global Supply Chain Leaders Group – Indra Nooyi

24) PPP-Purchasing Power Parity

25) How many crores are allocated for Rural water -50,000 crore

26) 100 crores are assested for - Tata Institute of Social Sciene

27)Which scheme is success under  Bharat Nirman ?

28) Which country is planning to probe a mars in Space?

29) One Question on Economic Survey

30) One Railway Budget question

31) Two questions on books and authors?

32) One Union Budget question

Note:Questions are not as same as in the Paper, but the content is write.If you know the exact questions/answers plz post in a comment box, i will post it.So that it will helpful to New/old PO aspirants for referring.Some Answers are estimated may not be sure.

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