Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Quiz On General Awareness - 29

1. Which Country has bought 2 metric tons of gold for nearly 72 million dollars from IMF?
a)China   b)India   c)Mauritius   d)South Africa   e)Singapore

2. Which of the following countries will host the 2011 World Robot Olympiad (WRO)?
a)India    b)South Africa   c)Argentina   d)Kuwait   e)UAE

3. Asok Bose recently passed away. He was a famous __________?
a)Painter    b)Musician   c)Press Photographer    d)Singer    e)writer

4. India has contributed USD ________ to the International Fund for Elimination of Doping in Sports for Commonwealth Games that to be held at Delhi next year?
a)10,000   b)20,000   c)30,000   d)40,000   e)50,000

5. Who won the Formula one World Title this year?
a)Jenson Button    b)Sebastian Vettel   c)Lewis Hamilton   d)Damon Hill    e)none

6. GMR Group of Bangalore has become the first Indian company to operate an airport abroad with the formal opening of the new terminal building in which of the following countries?
a)Nepal   b)Bangladesh   c)Afghanistan   d)Turkey   e)Srilanka

7. Pakistan Cricket Board would receive approximately USD _________ as hosting fees for shifting of 2011 World Cup matches out of the country due to security concern?
a)10 million   b)25 million   c)40 million   d)65 million   e)1 billion

8. Which two teams to play final in Davis Cup which is scheduled to be held from Dec  4th  in Spain?
a)Poland & Spain
b)Spain & Czech Republic
c)India & Spain
d)Serbia & Czech Republic
e)US & Poland

9. D R Meena has appointed as the new ________________?
a)Adviser to the Law Minister
b)Adviser to the Defence Minister
c)Chief of Indian Legal Service
d)Law Secretary
e)none of these
10. The Union Government has decided to give _________ crores to West Bengal for conservation of tigers in Sunderban and Buxa sanctuaries of the state.
a)100 crores   b)300 crores   c)420 crores   d)525 crores   e)650 crores
11. With which country/organization India have signed an agreement for cooperation in the field of Fusion Energy Research and agreed over the free trade treaty by next year to boost trade and investment?
a)Australia   b)US   c)South Korea   d)SAARC    e)European Union
12. Who among the following topped in World most powerful people compiled by Forbes List?
a)Osama Bin Laden   b)Sonia Gandhi   c)Vladimir Putin   d)Barack Obama   e)none of these
13. With which country India has agreed to work together on quality assurance and developing a framework in higher education as well as vocational education and training.
a)US   b)France   c)UK   d)Malaysia   e)Australia
14. How many medals won by India in the 18th Asian Athletics Championship held in China?
a)none   b)three    c)one    d)two   e)five
15. Who has been chosen for the brand ambassador of the Special Olympics for physically and mentally challenged children?
a)Dalip Singh Rana(The Great Khali(WWE)   b)Katrina kaif   c)Amir Khan   d)Sachin Tendulkar   e)none
16. Liberhan Commission is related to which of the following?
a)Disinvestment in PSU’s
b)Students Studying in Abroad
c)Demolition of Babri Masjid
d)Tax Rebates
17. Who is the present External Affairs Minister in India?
a)Nirupama Rao   b)Meera Shankar   c)Manmohan Singh   d)S M Krishna   e)Shiv Shankar Menon
18. Which country will open the worlds first Arabic Language internet Domain?
a)Pakistan   b)Egypt   c)Kuwait   d)UAE    e)Iran
19. What would be the ‘E’ in GEAC(Genetic E……….. Approval Committee)?
a)Experimental   b)Export    c)Employed    d)Engineering    e)none
20. New Direct Tax Codes (DTC) will be introduced in which of the following years?
a)2009   b)2010   c)2011   d)2012   e)2015

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