Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quiz on General Awareness 30

1. Which State has been awarded as “Best e-governance Award” for the year 2009?
a)Delhi   b)Haryana   c)Kerala   d)Madhya Pradesh   e)Karnataka
2. Which of the following is Oxfords Dictionary’s “Word of the Year 2009”?
a)Friend   b)freemium   c)Unfriend   d)Paywall   e)Sexting
3. The Five Year Plan is approved by ______________?
a)Planning Commission
c)National Development Council
d)Prime Minister
4. Who penned the book “Unleashing India”?
a)S M Krishna   b)Veerappa Moily   c)Shashi Tharoor   d)Chidambaram.P   e)A K Antony
5. Which Country won the Federation Tennis cup 2009?
a)Italy   b)Spain   c)Swizerland   d)Russia   e)US
6. Who has been elected as first permanent President of European Council?
a)Fredrik Reinfeldt   b)Jose Manuel Barroso   c)Romani Prodi   d)Tony Blair   e)Herman Van Rompuy
7. Recently the Centre has released 40,000 crore for which of the following purposes?
a)To remove female illiteracy
b)For better development of School & College Educations
c)For Rural Development in India
d)For Developing National Highways in India
e)Credit for the Farmers
8. A/c to the latest FIFA rankings which country topped the first rank?
a)Brazil   b)Spain   c)Italy   d)Argentina   e)none of these
9. Indian-European Summit 2009 was held in _____________?
a)Brussels   b)Italy   c)London   d)Delhi   e)Egypt
10. What would be the ‘C’ in FCCB (Foreign C……….. Convertible Bonds)?
a)Capital   b)Consumer  c)Currency   d)Customer   e)Current
11. Subhas Chander Kalia has been appointed as Executive Director of which of the following banks?
a)Union Bank of India   b)Dena Bank    c)Vijaya Bank    d)Andhra Bank   e)Indian Bank
12. “Siddarth Tiwari” belongs to which field?
a)Politician   b)Industrialist   c)Sports   d)Economist   e)Theater Director
13. Klaus Schwab was the founder of which of the following Organizations?
a)WTO   b)UNESCO   c)ILO   d)WEF   e)UNICEF
14. India test-fired its nuclear capable Agni-II Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM) during night for the first time(24-11-09) from  _________?
a)Balasore   b)Chandipur   c)Dhamara   d)Wheelers Island   e)Bhubaneswar
15. Who was crowned as the World Athlete of the year 2009?
a)Sanya Richards   b)Yelena Isinbayeva   c)Usain Bolt   d)both b & c   e)both a & c
16. The Union government has granted _________ crore for development of road network in Jammu & Kashmir?
a)500   b)1000   c)1500   d)2000   e)none
17. President Pratibha Patil became the first woman head of the state(country) to fly in ___________?
a)MIG-29   b)Sukhoi-47   c)F-16   d)F-18   e)Sukhoi-30
18. Navy Day is recognized on ____________?
a)Jan 4th   b)Feb 9th   c)Dec 4th   d)Jan 19th   e)none
19. Who among the following is not the recipient award of Arjuna Award?
a)Pullala Gopichand   b)Gautam Gambhir   c)Saina Nehwal   d)Satish Jhoshi   e)All of the above
20. Baichang Bhutia is related to which of the following sport?
a)Hockey   b)Football   c)Badminton   d)Golf   e)Snooker

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