Friday, April 9, 2010

Bank PO Interview Experience - 2010

I present the Interview Experience of a candidate in Central Bank of India for the post of Probationary Officer (PO) whose name is ‘Akash, who completed his B-tech in Computer Science in 2008.
Þ    Why banking?
I am interested in banking and my father is also a banker.
Þ    In which bank your father will work?
He works in State bank of India as a clerk in Hyderabad.
Þ    If you are interested in Banking, then why you have done B-tech? and what you have done after the completion of your graduation?
Actually I had a plan to do MBA after my graduation, but due to financial problems I can’t do it, so i postponed to do my MBA until I get a job. In the mean time I have been preparing for banks.
Þ    How many banks have you appeared so far?
So far I have written five exams in that I cleared two exams one is this bank & another is Canara Bank and I didn’t cleared the interview round in Canara Bank.
Þ    What do you think the reason behind for not clearing the interview round(Canara Bank)?
I didn’t prepare well at that time.
Þ    Where is the Headquarters of this bank?
Þ    What is the Use of Computers in a Bank?
Computers are used for many purposes in banks like:
Computer store details of customers account information.
Computers can solve billions of complex mathematical operations in fractions of a second.
Computers can be used for user authentication.
Computers can be used on a network to instantly contact other branches. When you use an ATM, you are using a networked computer terminal.
It's easier to access/update the information.
An employee can also check a customer's account balance instantly.
Computers help a bank save time and money, and can be used as an aid to generate profits.
Þ    What is recession? What is the cause for the present recession?
It can be defined as if country’s GDP growth is negative for two or more consecutive years and the main cause for the present recession is Sub-Prime crisis where it started in US.
Þ    What is Sub-prime crisis?
The current Subprime crisis is due to sub-prime lending. These are the loans given to the people having low credit rating.
Þ    Why India is affected? Which sectors are affected?
Bcoz many of the Indian companies have major outsourcing deal from the US and moreover India is one of the largest exporter to US. Almost all sectors are affected majorly Industrial, Real estate and IT sectors.
Þ    Why Indian Banks are much not affected?
Why bcoz RBI has adjusted some key rates like CRR, Repo rate, bank rate( that in turn decreases interest rates that in turn increases money supply and that in turn increases Investment) and also Indian’s bank are less interested in giving sub prime loans.
Þ    What is CRR?
It is defined as the Cash Reserve Ration. It is the amount of funds that the banks have to keep with RBI.
Þ    How much amount that banks have to keep with RBI?
Five percent of the total amount.
Þ    What is Social Banking?
It is a banking process that caters specially to the development needs of the poor in sharp contrast with conventional commercial banking, which has marginalized the poor.
Þ    What is Federal Reserve?
It is the Central Bank of US like what we have RBI in our country.
Þ    Where you will be in five years from now if you are selected?
In the same bank with one or two promotions.
Note: Almost all the questions and answers are taken from Akash except for the question: Use of Computers in banks and Social Banking.


Anu said...

This is Really useful for me. I have cleared the sbi clerk test... Now interview on 29th Apr. Really anxious abt the interview. Thank You Varun.

Anonymous said...

I hav query...I hav done BE. I hav cleared SBI can I covince interviee ....I want anything rt now badly its a opportunity for me Any suggestions

kunal said...

Fantastic. Really Helpful

Anonymous said...

@varun n akash...
thank u so much..
god bless both of u...

even i m having my sbi clerk interview on 4th may...
can u help me on few interview related questions ?

balvinder said...

hi varun ..... thx a lot for ur efforts on gen really helped me in sbi po march 2010 exam.......... by the way i wud like to ask u abt d.i .... i mean where i can get ques n tricks to solve them in less time...coz this was da only section where i faced problem in last sbi po exam......... need u r help on this ......and plz plz change the background of ur blog previously it was pretty gud..........cant go thru it in a single shot.......plz change da backgrund.....

Varun Reddy said...

Plz change or upgrade your browser ...bcoz google has phased out old versions of web browsers....Why i changed the template bcoz there are only limited features are there in previous template.
You can find shortcuts used in DI in many books available in the market...

Anonymous said...

Hi varun ..i need ur help i m preparing for csir exam nd i want ur help in the part of this exam is costitution of india and public administration so plzzzzz help me for books or something else which help me

Varun Reddy said...

For list of books visit the link..

prashant said...

Hi Varun,

Thanks for listing interview questions here in this blog. They r very helpful. Can u also pls guide me to prepare for Bank PO interview? I have cleared the written test for BOI PO and received a interview call scheduled on 4/28.

Prashant Mahajan

Varun Reddy said...

In the top of the blog you will definitions page....prepare all those concepts...and be positive...Speak fluently in English.. Be genuine throughout the interview...prepare yourself before what you want to tell in the interview(like your hobbies,your background,etc).

Ajay said...

Hi Varun,

I have cleared Bank of India written and my interview is on 26th of April on Hyd. Kindly tell me the most probable questions for interview. I m also having a software experience of around 3 years.


Varun Reddy said...

Your interview questions might be as: why are you coming to bank from IT? What are the difficulties you faced in your three IT experience..?How your experience will help in bank?
Most of the questions are from your past experience!!!!