Monday, April 19, 2010

SBI PO GK Paper 2010

SBI Gk, Computer and Marketing paper which is held on 18-04-2010.
1.      SME – Small and Medium Enterprises.
2.      NBFC – Non Banking and Financial Company.
3.      Who won the Davis cup – Spain.
4.      SDR is a reserve asset of – IMF.
5.      Foreign exchanges are done in – US Dollars.
6.      Home loans are given to – Individuals.
7.      SME loans are given to – ALL Small Scale Industries(SSI)
8.      Chairman of 13th Finance Commission – Vijay kelkar.
9.      Who has directed to stock exchanges ….. – SEBI.
10. India has how many WPI, CPI – 4 CPI and one WPI.
11. CNN IBN Indian of the year 2009 – A R Rehman.
12. Which of the following is a NBFC – Reliance Capital.
13. To which country EU has decided to give Bailout – Greece.
14. 48,000 crore are allocated to which scheme – Bharat Nirman.
15. Miss World 2009 Kaiane Aldorino of which country – Gibraltar.
16. Small cars are famous in which country other than India – Thailand.
17. Joint winner of C K Nayudu Trophy 2009 – Tamilnadu and Gujarat.
18. Which minister actively participated in 3G Spectrum – Ministry of Communication and Information technology.
19. US – North Korea relation is worry due to – Nuclear programme of North Korea.
20. Recently government has decided to divest 20% in Hindustan……what it actually means? – Sell 20% of stake in Hindustan….!
21. SEBI made mandatory for `Qualified Institutional Buyers’ (QIBs) to put in 100 per cent of the application money towards subscription of shares, previously it was – 10%.
22. China Yuan Policy - ?
23. Capital account convertibility is helpful for - ?
24. Question on Summit - ?
25. 16,500 crores are infused in Psb, question on Union budget.?
Computer and Marketing Q’s:
·        Question on Database Management Administrator(Dba)?
·        In Client/Server, what client performs?
·        Question on Intranet?
·        Question on Customer Relationship Management(CRM)?
·        Question on 7p’s of Marketing?
·        Question on Gateway?
·        Question on Cross Selling?
·        Surname is filed in – Text field.
·        Question on Ocean Strategy?
·        Question on Data mining?
·        Question on IP address?
·        Questions on Information System?
·        Question on Microsoft Power Presentation?
Note: Questions are inaccurate. If you know more post in a comment box. Thanks for Neha, Narendra, Prasad, etc for contributing.


Ram said...

Hi Varun,

I had taken up the PO exam this weekend. I was able to do 116 with 90+ accuracy. Will this help in moving to the second stage ? I'm worried about DI as my score stands at 17 with 100% accuracy..

Any idea of the cutoff?

pavan said...

Hi varun,

My score is like this in yesterdays exam with 90% accuracy resonaning-30,DI-29,ENG-41,GA-34.
Is there any probability of moving to next stage.

seemab hussain said...

Qns other than those given above:

1.What is the term used for storing same data in two or more place: Redundancy
2.What is the first step in transanction processing: Data Entry
3.Question on Control Unit.


Amit said...

How Was your SBI BANK PO EXAM 2010?...Any expected Individual Cut off marks? Wat you say? Please comment.

Neha said...

plz clarify.Home loans is given to those who r interested in buying flats nd houses not to individuals only bcoz only those persons who r interested in buying houses will only seek for home loans.So i thnk dat dis was most appropriate option.
and bancassurance is availed by d perspective customers of a bank???plz do correct me if m wrong.Thnx

Ajay said...

Hi Varun,

I have given SBI exam and my attempt is like GK - 37, English - 35, MAths - 30 and reasoning - 30 with 90% accuracy. According to you is there any chance for me to get a call for next round ?


RIA said...

i got 26 right and two chance for me =|

balvinder said...

hey varun here r some more ques...
1. if two computers r connected with each other they r connected thru - gateway
2 . each system in a network has a unique address dat address is callled as IP ADDRESS
4. all the slides in power point when saved they r saved as one single file
5.intranet- is used in company enviornmet
6. if surname is to b enterd in database then its datatype will be - text
7. a client fetches data from server

this is all i rememberd

tanuj said...

tanuj says
sir ur blogs r very helpful . sir i m preparing for sbi clercical interview
please provide sum tips hw to crack that

Anonymous said...

hello varun....1st time writing comments....i hv apperd in last sbi po exam....for me di calculatations took longer time than other subjects...plz sujjest me some way to improve it....thanx for you gr8 job....requesting u to put other questions of gk of this sbi exam with answers if tat i can calculate my score.....

seemab hussain said...

Its difficult to predict the individual cutt-off for each section however if are scoring 20+ in each section you are on the safe side.
From my point of view one can expect an interview call if he scores 100+ with 20+ in each section, provided he has done well in Descriptive test.

Varun Reddy said...

We cant predict the exact cut-off for each depends on the no. of students appeared, depends on the bank,depends on the vacancies,etc.
However scoring 25marks out of 50marks in each section is safe and clearing descriptive test.

chetna said...

Hi varun , I hav sbi clerk interview....please guide for it...

sumit said...

one question was like among following blue ocean strategy related with:-
1.communication 2.motivation 3. innovation 4.none of them

balvinder said...

hey varun here i m sharing my sbi asso. inteview for clerical post.....

looking at my academic record, sports n extra curricular activities the very first ques asked by intervieew was

1.why do u want to join the bank , as u hav engineering background ur performance is fantastic in every feild n u r lecturer in engg college?

i told dem dat i always wanted to come into banking feild after donig mba but due to some financial problems i cudnt make it .... i hav always admired my paternal uncle who is in one of da psb at a very reputed designation....n as far as my engineering background is conserned so i think i always stand one step ahead den those who r plain graduate as i can handle each n every thing in a smarter way den a plain graduate can do ....
2. dont u think u r overqualified for this post ?
my ans : yes i m aware of his fact but to me becoming a part of this organisation will b an honour for me moreover this is my dream bank n this post will act as a first step to get into this organisation.....
3. dont u get frustated if a person with less knowledge n qualification will b ur boss/ senoir??
my ans: absolutley not bcoz if dat person is a part of this organisation n holding a respected deignation den definetly he will b having some knowledge ...moreover i will try to learn new things from dat person n will try to move ahead in my professional life....

4: wgere do u see urself after 5 yrs?
my ans: well i c my self at a managerial post ( officer) in this organisation itself
4: r u mobile?
my ans: yes i m .

5: dont u face any problem if u will b posted in a village?
my ans: absolutely not...

6: wat will u do if an illeterate
customer comes to ?
my ans: i will first ask his purpose for visiting da bank...on dat basis will deal wih him..
7. wat will u do if he has to open n saving a/c n at dat time u r busy in ur work?
my ans: i will keep aside my work as every customer comes wid a purpose... i will attend him , will fill up his form n will complete all da he can help us in incresing our business.....

8. as u hav written in ur biodata form dat u won so many prizes in quiz comptetion... so tell me da news channels u watch...
my ans: i tiopld him few news channels (all were hindi)
9. den he asked me dont u watch english channle ?
i said i do ..
he asked me to name dem..
i told him few of dem( remember to tell dem channels like cnbc 18/cnbc awaz/ zee businee...)

lastly they asked me to define bank?
it is an finacial institution which facilitaes to make deposits, provied loans for edu, agri, n may other things...

this is all abt my experience ....

i hope this goona b help u guys/gals who r appearing for interview...

Anonymous said...

hello varun....1st time writing 2 u....i hv appeard in last sbi po exam....for me di calculatations took longer time than other subjects...plz suggest me some way to improve it....thanx for your gr8 job....requesting u to put other questions of gk of this sbi exam(18.04.10) with answers if tat i can calculate my score.....

Anonymous said...

The site is doing greate job. for the guys who are preparing for PO.. in terms of GK..I used to visit this site almost every day.. thanks for all your efforts.