Monday, May 10, 2010

Corporation Bank PO GK Paper 2010

1. SAARC Summit held at - Bhutan

2. FCCB stand for - Foreign Currency Convertible Bond.

3. MAT stand for – Minimum Alternate Tax..

4. Indira Gandhi Award 2009 for peace given to – Sheikh Hasina.

5. Rawatbhata is in – Rajasthan.(Go for 2009 Corporation Bank PO GK paper

6. Moortidevi Award was given - M Veerappa Moily

7. Asian Development Bank (ADB) to give $850 million loan to India.

8. Term not related to Hockey - Downswing related to Golf.

9. Legion d'Honneur of France 
given to - Lata Mangeshkar.

10. Sanya Richards belong to – USA.

11. Bullet Train from – China.

12. Apni Mandi scheme launched in – Punjab.

13. In 15th Copenhagen Summit, India is led by - Manmohan Singh.

14. Green Revolution II relate to - Eastern Areas.

15. Indian makes nuclear deal with – Britan.

16. Spain will be next Greece/Portugal/Italy - means all 3's are heavily effected during global eco. Crisis.

17. Between The Assassinations written by Aravind Adiga .

18. Invisible book is written by – Paul Auster.

19. Monetary Policy include - CRR and SLR.

20. After 5 yrs USA setup embassy in – Syria.

21. K-G gas from- Krishna Godavari basin.

22. Fiscal deficit reduce to 5.5% by March 2011/ 2010-11

23. Lufthansa's is not a bank/financial institution.

24. Snow Leopard found in - U.P.-Uttarakhand.

25. Russia 
Vows to Supply Oil Despite Dispute with Ukraine

26. Zain is telecom - Kuwait

27. Usain Bolt was named Laureus World Sportsman 2009

28. Between the assassination – Arvind Adiga.

29. C. Srither, Ratan Singh and Isiah R Sanam relate to the game – Archerya

30. Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission aims to generate power - bijali sab ke liye

31. Voting compulsory in elections to all the local bodies in – Gujarat.

32. Government is set to provide Rs.16500 Cr to public sector banks to boost capital.

33. European Footballer Award for the year 2009 – Lionel Messi.

34. India 
export jewellry to usa.

35. In Sports - Arjun Award is given.

36. In Literature - Man Booker Prize is given.

37. Goodluck Jonathan has been elected as a president of which country – Nigeria.

Note: Some of the Answers/questions might be wrong/incorrect. This is submitted by one of our blog follower named ‘Narendra’ and others.



in upcoming BOB PO exam what type of questions are expected in maths section i.e. whether there be DI type(like in sbi)or quantitative as usual.

It feels me good to see the gk paper solved in ur blog next to exam .But in case during exam,if answer didn't get accurate,i prefer to leave.Should i make little guess or not.

gaurav vishnoi


please tell sites /blog or books names,where i can find lot helping material for bank po's.
also give site for preparing word power,rearrange sentences,...etc.
with study material to prepare english,reasoning,maths section.

so kind of u,
gaurav vishnoi

Anonymous said...

Invisible book is written by Paul Auster

pavan said...

13) jairam ramesh

Vijay Pal said...

Q #1: SAARC summit recently held at:
a) Islamabad b) New Delhi c)Kathmandu D) Dhaka e) forgot bt not Thiphu or Bhutan.

Q #15 was not asked in this manner....

Q #37: Goodwil johnson has been elected as a president of which country? Ans-Nigeria

Anonymous said...

hi varun, i get qualified in writtn exam of idbi asst manager. can u pls help me dat wat kind of question generally askd in asst manager

Varun Reddy said...

Ass manager is not but PO.Same it will be as Normal PO interview.Interview will be based on your background qualification.

ashyad said...

i think every one who had given the ass. manager exam idbi have cleared ha ha ha me too even my exam wasn't good enough

Anonymous said...

hi asyad would you please tell me that how many questions had you done in idbi po and with how much accuracy please reply me my id is

Tanushree Pal said...

i got selected in written exam of corporation bank PO.i didn't get any intimation for interview in my mail box.if any of the site visitors got selected and received the call letter for interview please do let me mail id: