Friday, May 28, 2010

Marketing Aptitude Quiz 2010 - III

1.      Marketing is not required for one of the following products ________?
a)Corporate Loans    b)Export Business     c)Import Business    d)Credit Card Business  e)none
2.      A ‘Buyers’ Market’ means _______?
a)buyers are also sellers
b)sellers are also buyers
c)there are no sellers
d)demand exceeds supply
e)supply exceeds demand
3.      Market share analysis helps the track _________?
a)Share price movements     b)percentage share of business    c)pricing strategy for share values    d)All of these   e)none 
4.      Diversification means __________?
a)marketing in different countries    
b)marketing diverse companies   
c)making new, diverse products  
d)marketing by diverse sales team   
5.      Study of marketing environment means ______________?
a)study of company’s markets, customers and competitors
b)study of economic environment
c)study of current trends
d)All of these
6.      A Market plan includes __________?
a)market objectives     b)market research     c)pricing strategy     d)situation analysis    e)All of these
7.      Customization is useful for ______?
a)motivating the sales force     b)to add variety in marketing    c)value added service    d)pleasing target customers    e)none
8.      Telemarketing campaigns are resorted to ________?
a)avoid cold calls     b)avoid buyer resistance    c)avoid seller inhibitions    d)reaching a wider audience    e)All the above
9.      Customer Retention means ___________?
a) retaining the customers at the Bank for the full day
b)quick disposal
c)customers dealing with the same bank for long time
d)better standards
e)All the above
10. The Traditional Marketing style involves __________?
a)Telemarketing     b)Direct Marketing    c)Indirect Marketing    d)Digital Marketing    e)All the above
11.  Which is the technique used for effective marketing planning?
a)psychological tools for marketing
b)goal oriented
c)marketing research
d)physical distribution
e)All the above
12.  ‘Niche’ Market means __________?
a) a free market    b)a social market     c)equity market     d)capital market    e)a specified market for the target group
13. Internal Marketing means _________?
a) Selling to oneself    b) Selling to the employees    c) Selling of samples    d) Selling to foreign markets    e)none
14. Marketing in Banks is required for _________?
a)Getting new customers
b)Retaining existing customers
d)Accepting of deposits
e)All of these
15. Advertisements are required for __________?
a)Boosting the production levels
b)Motivating the employees
c)Boosting the sales
d)All of these
16. A Call means ___________?
a)calling on friends     b)calling on bank employees     c)calling on prospective customers     d)calling on insurance employees    e)none
17. For effective selling, salesman should be which of the following ______?
a)pushy     b)aggressive     c)timid     d)calmness     e)talkative
18. Customer Loyalty means _________?
a)shifting of customers from one bank to another
b)customers banking with one bank exclusively
c)customers returning lost items
d)customers giving gifts to banks
e)none of these
19. Rural Marketing involves ________?
a)selling to farmers and agriculturalists
b)selling to rural households
c)selling to rural industries
d)All the above
20. Which is the Four C’s of marketing?
a)customer, cost, communication, convenience
b)corporate, cost, communication, convenience
c)consumer, cost, communication, convenience
d)competition, cost, communication, convenience
4 P’s vs 4 C’s vs 4V’s:
i)Product                  vs.       Consumer                 vs.       Validity
ii)Price                     vs.       Cost                          vs.       Value
iii)Promotion           vs.       Communication       vs.       Vogue
iv)Place                     vs.       Convenience            vs.       Venue
4 A’s of marketing:
4 E’s of Marketing:
i)Experience(Product incase of 4 P’s)
4 R’s of Marketing:
4 M’s of marketing:


Ranjana said...

Hi Can you please post the answers too? thank you for your great work

harpreet said...

1. Import bussiness
2. there are no sellers
3. (d) all
4. Customer Care

rajesh said...

hi varun .. today again i have a query.. till when can we expect the results of SBI... any idea..and what would be the tentative month of joining for those who clear all rounds....

puli said...

1.ImportBusiness exceeds demand
9.quick disposal
11.all the above
12.a specified market for the target group
13.Selling to the employees
14.all of these
15.boosting the sales
16.calling on prospective customers

Tanushree Pal said...

1 c
2 -
3 - / e (two questions are merged under one )
4 c
5 d
6 -
7 c
8 -
9 c
10 b
11 e
12 e
13 b
14 e
15 c
16 c
17 b
18 b
19 d
20 a

harpreet said...

1. (c) import business
2. (c) there is no seller
3. (d) all
4. (d)making new , diverse product
5. (d)(all)
6. all
7. (b)to add variety in marketing
8.(d)reaching the wider audience
9. (c)costumers dealing with the same bank for long time
10.(c) Indirect marketing
11.(e) All the above
12.(E) a specified market for target group
13.(b)Selling to employees or (e)(none)
14.(e) All of these
15.(c) Boosting the sale
16.(c) calling a prospective customer
17. (c) timid
18.(b)customers banking with one bank exclusively
19 .(d) All of above
20. (a) customer,cost,communication, convenience

Alfred said...

1. Import Business
2. Supply exceed demand
3. Percentage share of business
4. Making new, diverse products
5. All of these
6. Situation analysis
7. To add variety in marketing
8. All of the above
9. Customer dealing with the same bank for long time
10. Direct marketing
11. All the above
12. A specific market for the target group
13. Selling to the employees
14. All of these
15. Boosting the sales
16. Calling on prospective customers
17. Aggressive
18. Customer banking with one bank exclusive
19. All the above
20. Consumer, cost, communication, convenience

Anonymous said...

2 (e) ie supply exceeds demand.
refer this

rajesh said...

hi varun sorry to trouble u again and again....can u please me earlier question..

Anonymous said...

varun dis is 2nd tym dat sum nonsense people write sum crap on shout box, using my name in front of me, please do sumthing

Anonymous said...

varun..thnx for ths information on all 4's of mktg...

Varun Reddy said...

can you mention your name?How can i know that your name is misused?
If you dont want to reveal here send mail to in detail.

Narender said...

hi.. Varun.. good evng...

Some ques.. from BANK of BARODA Socio-GK Awareness paper held on 30.5.2010

1. The Nobel Prize 2009 in Literature goes to - Herta Muller

2. Manmohan Singh visit Bhutan to attend - 16th SAARC SUMMIT

3. European Footballer of the Year 2010 - Barcelona's Lionel Messi

4. New (26th) chief of the Indian Army is - Gen. Vijay Kumar Singh (V.K.Singh)

5. Dadha Shaeb Falke Ratan Award goes to - Devanand (Actor/director)

6. International World Water Day is held annually on 22 March

7. Winner of Under-19 Cricket World Cup - Australia

8. Which movie's music not composed by A.R. Rehman - Fashion (Music Director: Salim-Sulaiman)

9. China's Player Lin Dan relate to the game - Badminton

10 Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding is an international award presented by

the Government of India founded in 1965

11. Many Lives, Many Masters is writen by - Dr. Brian Weiss

12. Green Revolution II relate to - Eastern & North Eastern Areas

13. Benchmark Prime Lending Rates (BPLR) replace with Base Iterest Rates policy.

14. The agriculture sector contributed 18% to GDP 2009 but 17.2% in 2008

15. Winner of 58th Senior National Volleyball Championship 2009-10 - ?

16. Term not related to Football game - Outswinger

17. Sodium Sulphate(Na2So4) is not a chemical fertilizer

18. Bank with highest international branches(15 countries) - Bank Of Baroda

19. Man who not receive Padmashree Awards - Abhishek Bachchan

20. Tata Power to generate 5 MW from geothermal, solar plants in Gujarat

21. Out of every rupee spent in the budget, 29 paise is coming from borrowing

22. IMF Recommends G-20 Impose Taxes on Bank Liabilities, Profits

23. SLR stands for Statutory Liquidity Ratio

24. The Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh (the National Population Stabilisation Fund) will focus on

involving the civil society in ‘responsible parenthood strategy’, called ‘Prerna’.

25.Village Health & Nutrition Days (VHND's) is odd name in group of DPCP/HARIYALI scheme

26. ASHA(Accredited Social Health Activist) scheme makes ”health for all” launched in regard to

Health & Nutrition

27. Government is set to provide Rs.16500 Cr to public sector banks to boost capitals

28. Allocation Package of Rs 1200 Cr. assistance for drought in Bundelkhand

29. Project Tiger was launched by the Indian Government in 1973-74.

30. Budget allocates Rs.100 crore to New Pension Scheme

31. Kawasaki setup plant in india by May 2010 to produce - Motorcycles

32. 1Que. is on Fundamental rights of a child in regards to current RTE (Right to Education)

33. Que. on Duties of SEBI(Securities and Exchange Board of India).


sourabhi said...

Hi varun

i did 60/75 in LR and 40/50 in QA
38/50 in eng
and 30/50 in gk and 30/50 in marketing.

Will i get a call for interview

graphics said...

[b]Hello Narendra..[/b]
You provided wonderful information about the questions asked in BOB PO..
Thanks for providing valuable information..

Sorry but I would like to comment on [b]question no. 5 [/b]that u posted..
In question paper they asked
Dadha Shaeb Falke Award not Dadha Shaeb Falke Ratan Award..
and Dadha Shaeb Falke Award goes to V.K.Morthy so answer is None of These..

Sorry once again to interfere in wonderful question list u provided..

[b]One more confusion[/b]
16. Term not related to Football game - Outswinger ( I think answer is LOVE)
Me do not have that much knowledge this is my first attempt maybe I am wrong..

[b] Other question in GK [/b]
1. In recent news bank gain Non-Performing-Assets What do you mean by this??---- Me didn't attend this one..
2. Dr. Pranav Sen is related to ??--- Me didn't attend
3. One CRR base question.. If RBI increases CRR what does that mean--- Answer is option A.
4. Why India can't Import Uranium from Australia-- Answer is Due to NPT
5. How can a bank cut its Operational cost ---- I attended but not sure abt ans.
6. One question related to PLRA - Base lending rate
7. On which services Bank charges fees... don't know the ans..
8. One question about inflation.. don't remember exactly.. If a price of goods increase in market ---- I think ans. is Demand pull inflation
9. Per capita Income --- 37,000
10. How to control liquidity in Market--- Monetary Policy..
11. Third research center in Antarctica--- Bharti
12. Recently a bank announced that its Profit jumps 35% from previous quarter and told that this profit increase was due to Cost Control. What are they ?? -- didn't attend
13. Main source of Income of Bank-- Issuing ATM and opening bank branches( not sure)
14. RBI said that rupee is over valued what does it mean-- Options are long didn't remember.
15. SEBI wanted FIIs to divulge the structure of their Offshore entities.. Why?? -- Me didn't attend..

My attempt not so good..
LR - 49 ( 100% accuracy)
Quant/DI -- 39 ( 100% accuracy)
Eng -- 34 ( 90% accuracy)
GK -- 37 ( 96% accuracy)
Marketing -- 38 ( not sure abt. accuracy)
Total -- 197/275
Not good performance but hope for best..
Thanks Varun and others who are providing valuable information regarding GK and Marketing.. Sorry once again Narendera


Varun Reddy said...

Very good attempt in LR, QA and Eng. Good Attempt in Gk and Mark.But what about accuracy?If it is around 95%(Especially in Gk and Mark) definitely you will get a call for interview.check your gk answers in the above post.

Anonymous said...

hi varun

i hv found dis material very useful for preparing for po xams. i just want to know dat are the options highlighted in blue not the correct answers?? plzzz reply

Anonymous said...

hi all,

i applied for BOB PO's as well as Allahabad bank...
by seeing the questions by BOB(MAY), i think iam nowhere...
i don't know how to mug up so many as only 4 days left..
what about marketing aptitude..