Saturday, December 5, 2009

Current Affairs 2009(PTR)

Civil Nuclear Deal with India:
Canada became the Eight country to sign Civil Nuclear Agreement with India on Nov 29th 2009 after the 45-nation Nuclear Suppliers Group(NSG) lifted a 34-year-old ban on nuclear commerce in September last year(2008).
India has already signed similar pacts with
1)US(Oct 08)   2)France(Oct 08)   3)Russia(Dec 08)  4)Kazakhstan(Jan 09)   5)Namibia(Aug-Sep 09)   6)Mongolia(Sep 09)   7)Argentina(Oct 09)
World & Indian Beauties 2009:
ü    Miss Earth 2009 – Larissa Ramos(Brazil)
ü    Miss Universe 2009 - Stefania Fernandez(Venezuela)
ü    Miss World 2009 - Kaiane Aldorino(Gibraltar).
ü    Miss India World 2009 – Pooja Chopra(Maharashtra)
ü    Miss India Universe 2009 – Ekta Chowdary(UP)
ü    Miss India Earth 2009 – Shriya Kishore(Maharashtra)
ü    Miss India International 2009 – Harshita Saxena
Awards by Sports Illustrated India:
ü    Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year 2009 – Saina Nehwal(Badminton)
ü    Young Player of the Year 2009 - Virat Kohli(Cricketer)
ü    International Sportsperson of the year 2009 – Usain Bolt(Jamaica)
ü    Lifetime Achievement Award – Raj Singh Dugarpur(Cricketer)
62nd World Newspaper Congress Meeting in Hyderabad:
ü    WAN-IFRA has been created by the merger of the World Association of Newspapers(WAN) and IFRA, the research and service organization for the news publishing industry.
ü    Gavin O'Reilly elected as the first President of the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA).
ü    Horst Pirker, Chairman of the Board of Austria-based Styria Media, was elected first Vice President and will take over the presidency from O'Reilly, after his term ends in December 2010.Pirker had been President of IFRA.
ü    O'Reilly, who was President of WAN until the merger in July this year, was elected President of the new organization at its first Annual General Meeting, during the ongoing 62nd World Newspaper Congress and World Editors Forum.


kiran said...

Can you please advise for OBC bank exam on sunday. Pattern is bit differnt. English section is also have marks.

Please advise how many questions I have to atempt in each section.

Varun Reddy said...

Attempt Maximum questions...Say I would prefer...
Apt-40Q in 30 minutes(95% accuracy)
Res-60Q in 50 minutes('''''''''''')
GA--35Q in 25 minutes('''''''''''')
Eng-40Q in 30 minutes('''''''''''')
This is only an example..if you can attempt are welcome...but maintain accuracy...bcoz -ve marking is there..!!!But the total must cross touch around 130 or more marks..If ur a General Candidate...

kiran said...