Monday, December 7, 2009

Current Affairs Quiz 2009 - 34

1. Which Country has surpassed the US to become Japan’s largest Trading partner?
a)China   b)India    c)Germany   d)Russia   e)South Korea

2. The GDP growth of India in the second quarter of 2009-10 is _______?
a)6.1%   b)6.6%   c)7.1%   d)7.7%   e)7.9%

3. Who is the Chairman of AEC(Atomic Energy Commission)?
a)Srikumar Banerjee   b)G Madhavan Nair   c)Anil Kakodkar   d)K Radhakrishna   e)J Mitra

4. The Central Government has sanctioned Rs  ________ to National Knowledge Commission for the education sector under the 11th Five year plan ?
a)3 lakh crore   b)1 lakh crore     c)2 lakh crore     d)0.75 lakh crore   e)5 lakh crore

5. Recently which country lifted the 22-year-old ban on the entry of people with HIV+?
a)Mexico   b)UK   c)France    d)US   e)Canada

6. Around ____ of Dubai’s Population is made up of Indians?
a)26%   b)33%   c)40%   d)46%   e)52%

7. Which State government has sought an assistance of about Rs 1,162 crore from the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) for development of agriculture to increase food production and improve food security during the next three years?
a)Karnataka    b)UP    c)Andhra Pradesh   d)Gujarat   e)none of these

8. ‘Arogyasi’ the most successful health insurance scheme launched by which of the following state?
a)Tamilnadu   b)Andhra Pradesh   c)Maharashtra   d)Kerala   e)Karnataka

9. Madhu Koda has been arrested in a disproportionate assets case. He was the former Chief Minister of which state?
a)Haryana   b)Chhattisgarh   c)Jharkhand   d)Bihar   e)none

10. Which Committee has suggested the minimum shareholding of Government equity of nationalized bank should be brought down to 33%?
a)T R Andhyarujina   b)Narasimhan Committee   c)Rangarajan Committee  d)Mukherjee Committee   e)Tarapore Committee

11. Who is newly elected President of Honduras?
a)Rafael Pinada Ponce  b)Porfirio Lobo   c)Roberto Mitcheletti   d)Maria Antonieta   e)none

12. Which Mutual fund is the first to provide facility to investors to trade in NSE after SEBI allowed mutual funds to be traded through stock exchanges?
a)Reliance Mutual fund   b)SBI Mutual fund    c)LIC Mutual fund    d)UTI Mutual fund  e)Prudential Mutual fund

13. Which country is not a member of G-33?
a)India   b)Cuba  c)Pakistan    d)China   e)All are members of G-33

14. L&T signed a joint venture  agreement with NPCIL to set up a company in _________ state for the production of special steel and ultra-heavy forgings with an investment of 1,725 crore?
a)UP   b)Punjab    c)Gujarat    d)Maharashtra   e)none of these

15. Which Country held a Cabinet meet in Everest Region to highlight the impact on Climate Change recently?
a)China   b)France    c)Maldives   d)UK   e)Nepal

16. Who has been selected for the first PCRF-NDTV National RTI Award?
a)Karan Thapar   b)Bharkha Dutt   c)Prannoy Roy   d)Shyamlal Yadav  e)Shireen Bann

17. Currently Praful Patel holds which of the following posts?
a)Indian Overseas Minister   b)Water Resources   c)IT & Broadcasting   d)Civil Aviation Minister   e)none of these

18. Roger Federer won the Wimbeldon Men’s Single Title 2009 by defeating?
a)Rafael Nadal   b)Robin Soderling   c)Andy Roddick   d)Andy Murray   e)Noval Djokovic

19. How many Emirates form a United Arab Emirates?
a)Five   b)Six   c)Seven   d)Eight   e)Four

20. ‘Real’ is the currency of which of the following countries?
a)South Africa   b)Mexico   c)Cuba   d)South Korea   e)Brazil

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Aditya said...

5.D President Obama announced that he will lift a 22-year-old ban on entry into the United States for people infected with HIV/AIDS. SOURCE: CNN.COM

6.NONE OF THE OPTIONS ARE CORRECT 26.1% Arab (of whom 17% are Emirati)
42.3% Indian
13.3% Pakistani
7.5% Bangladeshi
2.5% Filipino
1.5% Sri Lankan
0.9% European
0.3% American
5.7% other countries

7.C The AP State government has sought an assistance of about Rs. 1,162 crore from International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) for development of agriculture to increase food production and improve food security during the next three years.