Tuesday, December 15, 2009

List of Newly Elected President/PM's of a Country in 2009

1)     Indonesia President - Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
2)     Congo President - Denis Sassou Nguesso
3)     Kyrgyzstan President - Kurmanbek Saliyevich Bakiyev
4)     Afghanistan President – Hamid Karzai
5)     Japan Prime Minister – Yukio Hatoyama
6)     Norway Prime Minister – Jens Stoltenberg
7)     Denmark Prime Minister – Lars Lokke Rasmussen
8)     Iran President – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
9)     Slovakia President – Ivan Gasparovic
10)South Africa President – Jacob Zuma
11)India Prime Minister – Manmohan Singh
12)Iceland Prime Minister – Johanna Siguroardottir
13)Bangladesh President – Zillur Rahman
14)Bangladesh Prime Minister – Sheikh Hasina
15)Nepal Prime Minister – Madhav Kumar Nepal
16)Zimbabwe Prime Minister – Morgan Tsvangirai
17)Somalia President – Sharif Ahmed
18)Germany President – Horst Kohler
19)Madagaskar President – Andry Rajoelina
20)Greece Prime Minister – George Papandreou
21)Honduras President – Profirio Lobo Sosa
22)Israel Prime Minister – Benjamin Netanyahu
23)Greenland Prime Minister – Kuupik Kleist
24)USA President- Barack Obama
25)Romania President – Traian Basescu
26)Bolivia President - Evo Moralis


Krishna said...

Hi Varun,
Thanks for this useful info.Please also publish the recent visits of the famous people to India in 2009.As i hve seen one question will be of the above kind in Bank examinations.

I really thank you a lot for the useful information which you are publishing here

Krishna said...

Hi Varun,
Please also post the details of important dates..which they have asked for OBC exam also

varun reddy said...

Hi Krishna,
you can refer the important days in visiting below link...

World Habitat day is Celebrated on first Monday of October Every Year by UN...
On the above link it is showing on Oct 3rd it is on 2005.
For 2009 it is on - October 5th
For 2010 it is on - October 4th

varun reddy said...

Actually these type of questions should not be asked in the examination...bcoz the dates are changing every year...So If ur not sure plz leave this type of questons...

DrishyaPoduval said...

President,Bolivia -Evo Moralis