Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Current Affairs Quiz 2009 - 32

1. Who has been conferred the France highest civilian award (‘Legion d’Honneur) recently?
a)Satyajit Ray   b)Lata Mangeshkar   c)Amitabh Bachchan    d)Ratan Tata   e)Pratibha Patel

2. All Public Sector Banks in India must have a government shareholding of at least _____?
a)33%    b)49%    c)26%   d)51%   e)90%

3.  The Basel Committee recommendations which have been in news during the present financial crisis come under the aegis of _________?
a)IMF   b)ADB   c)World Bank   d)Federal Reserve   e)none 

4. Digambar Kamat was the chief minister of which of the following state?
a)Himachal Pradesh   b)Goa c)Kerala   d)Assam  e) Arunachal Pradesh 

5. Who won the ATP World Tour Finals held in London?
a)Robin Soderling    b)J M Del Potro    c)Nikolay Davydenko   d)Roger Federer   e)Rafael Nadal

6. Which of the following Organizations has propagated Self-Help Group (SHG)?
a)World Bank   b)NABARD   c)UNICEF    d)IRDA   e)UN

7. Which country won the 2009 World Cup of Golf?
a)Ireland   b)Sweden   c)Italy   d)Netherlands   e)US

8. On which of the following day ‘Hindi Day’ is observed?
a)Jan 26th   b)May 14th   c)Sep14th   d)Aug  24th   e)Aug 29th

9. Ajit Singh was in news recently. He belongs to which party?
a)BJP   b)INC   c)BSP   d)SP   e)RLD

10. RBI has directed the banks to pay customers at the rate of Rs. 100 each day if they(banks) fail to reimburse the amount wrongfully debited due to failed ATM transactions within a max. Period of ____ days from the date of customer complaint?
a)1   b)2   c)5   d)7   e)12

11. Which city will host the 62nd World Newspaper Congress meeting?
a)Mumbai   b)Kolkata   c)Chennai   d)Hyderabad   e)Lucknow

12. One of the Largest Automaker ‘Hyundai’ belongs to which country?
a)South Korea   b)Japan   c)China   d)Germany   e)Italy

13. A/c to the Economic Survey 2008-09, what percentage of people spending below Rs.20 per day in rural areas?
a)44%    b)50%   c)59%   d)65%   e)71%

14. The Longest Solar Eclipse of the 21st century came on which of the following day in 2009?
a)June 21st   b)July 21st   c)July 22nd   d)June 22nd   e)July 11th

15. Which of the following is not true regarding Union Budget 2009-10?
a)Minimum Alternate Tax(MAT) is increased to 15% of book profits from 10%.
b)5% custom duty on Set Top Box
c)FBT, CTT and Corporate tax are abolished
d)An increase of 144% to NREGA
e)All are true

16. Which of the two following two countries agreed to reduce their nuclear arsenals?
a)Italy-Switzerland    b)US-China    c)China-Russia   d)US-UK   e)Russia-US

17. Section 377 of the IPC deals with _________?
a)Business Fraud
c)Child Labour
c)Lockup death
e)Ragging in Colleges

18. Which team has been adjudged as the Ceat International Team of the Year 2008-09?
a)Australia   b)India   c)South Africa   d)Srilanka   e)none of these

19. Government is planning to implement ‘Brain gain’ policy. What is the idea behind it?
a)To bring back Indian Scholars and Teachers from foreign Universities
b)To Educate the people in rural areas
c)To improve the standards of Education
d)To improve the education in North-Eastern states
e)Both a & c

20. ANUSAT is a ____________?
a)Polar Satellite   b)Communication Satellite   c)Surveillance Satellite   d)Radar Satellite   e)All the above

Answer for 3rd question : Bank of International Settlements.
5th question : Nikolay Davydenko beat J M Del Potro in ATP World Tour Finals.
15th question : Only FBT & CTT are abolished.Corporate tax remains Unchanged in the Budget.
18th question : 
Ceat International Cricketer of the Year & Test Batsmen of the Year : Gautam Gambhir
Ceat ODI Batsmen of the Year : Virendar Sehwag
Ceat ODI Bowler of the Year : Ajanta Mendis(Srilanka)
Ceat ODI Bowler of the Year : Mitchel Johnson(Australia)
Ceat Lifetime Achievement Award : EAS Prasanna(India).
Ceat Spirit of the Cricket Award : Thilan Samaraweera(Srilanka)
Ceat 300 wickets Felicitation Award : Harbhajan Singh.


Aditya said...

7.C The event was won by Italy with a score of -29

8.C BUT OPTION IS WRONG CORRECT ANSWER IS SEPTEMBER 14TH NOT SEPTEMBER 4TH. September 14 marks 'Hindi Day' as our Raj Bhasha.

9.E Chaudhary Ajit Singh the founder and chief of the political party Rashtriya Lok Dal in Uttar Pradesh, India.


16.E Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev promise nuclear arsenal deal by end of year.

19.A The brain gain policy envisages attracting Indian teachers from foreign universities for the proposed 14 national universities.


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