Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Quiz on General Knowledge 2009 - 39

1. Who has been named as the 'Person of the Year 2009' by the American magazine Time?
a)Barack Obama    b)Hillary Clinton    c)Ben Bernake    d)Dalai Lama   e)none of these
2. In which of the following Stock Exchanges “currency Future trading” was firstly started?
A)NSE    b)MCX-SX  c)BSE   d)NCDEX   e)none of these
3. Which Country is planning to build World’s Largest Mosque?
a)Saudi Arabia   b)Iran    c)Tajikistan   d)Indonesia   e)none of these
4. Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) is a scheme related to which of the following sectors?
a)Rural Development   b)Women Development    c)Personnel Insurance   d)Agriculture   e)none of these
5. The Five Year Plan is approved by _______________?
a)Planning Commission   b)National Development Council    c)Central Statistical Organization   d)RBI & Finance Ministry   e)none of these
6. Recently which country launched their country’s fastest Supercomputer named ‘Tianhe’?
a)Japan    b)Malaysia    c)Hongkong    d)China   e)Singapore
7. Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was in news recently. He was the president of _________?
a)Algeria    b)Taiwan    c)Fiji    d)Sudan   e)Tunisia
8. Who among the following honoured as Asian Filmmaker of the year in the 14th Pusan International Film Festival(PIFF)?
a)Bobby Bedi    b)Yash Chopra   c)Rakesh Roshan   d)Manmoham Shetty   e)none of these
9. With which country India have finalized a new 10-year military co-operation pact that will take bilateral defence partnership to new heights?
a)Russia    b)US    c)Israel    d)France    e)none of these
10. ‘EKUVERIN-09’ is a joint troop exercise between which of the following countries?
a)India & Russia     b)Srilanka & China    c)India & Maldives    d)Maldives & Srilanka   e)India & US
11. Which state is facing Political Crisis due to the process of separating a state?
a)Jharkhand    b)West Bengal   c)Andhra Pradesh    d)Uttar Pradesh   e)Bihar
12. Dr Kamla is the new governor of _________?
a)Nagaland    b)Tripura    c)Manipur    d)Uttarakhand    e)Gujarat
13. Which channel has won the Asian vision Annual awards 2009 for most news flashes?
a)Times of India   b)Aajtak    c)Doordharshan    d)NDTV   e)none of these
14. How much is approved by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as grant for Indian farmers?
a)$2.5 million    b)$4 million   c)$6.5 million    d)$9.7 million   e)none of these
15. Which country has presented the 2009 Defender of Democracy Award to Kailash Satyarthi?
a)US    b)India    c)Denmark   d)France   e)Germany
16. Which film has been awarded the prestigious Golden Peacock for best film at the 40th International Film Festival of India (IFFI)?
a)A Brand New Life    b)The Other Bank    c)Gabricha Paus   d) Angshumaner Chhobi   e)I can’t Live without you
17. Recently which Bank (PSU) installed its first disabled-friendly ATM in the country?
a)Vijaya Bank   b)PNB    c)Bank of Baroda   d)Union Bank of India   e)none
18. Mahila Coir Yojana, is a scheme to provide self-employment opportunity to rural women workers. This scheme firstly started by which State government?
a)Kerala    b)Uttar Pradesh    c)Gujarat    d)West Bengal  e)Tamilnadu
19. Farook Haider was in news recently. He was a _______________?
a)New Interior Minister of Pakistan
b)Deputy Prime Minister of Afghanistan
c)Master mind behind 26/11 Mumbai attacks
d)Prime Minister of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir
e)Former Pakistan Prime minister
20. ‘The Worlds Local Bank’ is the tag line of which of the following banks?
a)Yes Bank    b)HSBC   c)ING Vysya   d)Standard Chartered   e)Bank of America
1Q : For 2008 : Barack Obama
3Q : Present Worlds Largest Mosque is in Mecca(Saudi Arabia)
5Q : Five Year Plan is Developed & Executed by Planning Commission.


Krishna said...

Hi Varun,

I am really happy that i came to know about this blog from my friend when i am preparing for Bank PO exams..
i am daily visitor to your blog, i have told about this to all of my friendsas it is very useful.

I have attempted OBC bank PO exam General awareness section better than i expected as i followed only your blog but still i am not satisfied of my attempt.Is there any other way to prepare for the same because the questions are unexpectable in Bank PO exams.

varun reddy said...

Hi Krishan,
Thanku for your complement....
I don't know How many Bank PO exams have you attended????
I thing i have to be tell to Bank PO Aspirants - Bank PO/clerks jobs are not come all of a sudden.It will take some must have patience.
For every exam you attempt, if you are not satisfied... (or) if ur not will be known that some thing you were lagging behind in the exam...
it may be any one of the section(English,GK,...) or
Time management or may be anything.
Try to overcome the problem in your next exam that you faced in the previous exam.
If you do that only you are able to succeed in your exam.
This is the only Mantra to Success your heights.