Monday, December 28, 2009

General Knowledge Quiz 2009 - 40

1. ‘Astrosat’ is India’s first astronomy satellite which is scheduled to launch in which of the following years?
a)2010   b)2011   c)2012    d)2013   e)2014
2. Which of the following country is a member of United Nation(UN)?
a)Palestine    b)Kosovo   c)Vatican City   d)Taiwan   e)All are non UN-members
3. Sputnik -1 the World’s first artificial satellite (in 1957) successfully launched by which country?
a)USSR    b)Japan   c)US   d)UK   e)Germany
4. How many countries became independent with the dissolution of USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) in 1991?
a)5    b)9    c)11    d)13    e)15
5. Kosovo declared Independence from which of the following countries in 2008?
a)Croatia    b)Serbia    c)Macedonia    d)Yugoslavia   e)none of these
6. Srilanka has declared victory over the LTTE(Liberation of Tamil Tigers) on May 16th 2009 after ____ years old civil war?
a)21    b)23    c)25   d)26   e)27
7. Which of the following Politician gets has been arrested for insulting National Anthem in April 2009?
a)Lalu Prasad    b)Mamata Banerjee    c)Shashi Tharoor    d)Varun Gandhi    e)S M Krishna
8. United States of America(USA) got Independence from ___________ in 1776, july 4th?
a)USSR    b)Great Britain    c)Germany    d)Canada    e)none of these
9. 90% of Ozone in earth atmosphere is present in which layer?
a)Troposphere   b)Stratosphere    c)Mesosphere    d)Thermosphere  e)none of these
10. Which of the following country having the world’s largest Internet base users?
a)India(3)    b)US(2)   c)Russia    d)China(1)   e)Canada
11. Which of the following is not a Search Engine?
a)Bing    b)Wolframalpha    c)Kosmix    d)Cuil   e)All are search engines
12. India stands at which place in the world when considering area wise?
a)1st    b)3rd     c)5th    d)6th    d)7th
13. Besides India, August 15th is the Independence Day of which of the following country?
a)North Korea    b)South Vietnam   c)South Korea    d)North Vietnam   e)France
14. Which of the following is world’s most widely spoken language?
a)Mandarin(China)    b)Spanish    c)English    d)Urdu   e)Hindi
15. India’s first nuclear test explosion (Pokhran-1) conducted in the year _______?
a)1967    b)1974    c)1987   d)1998   e)none of these
16. ‘Shakti’ is the code name for which of the following?
a)India’s first supersonic cruise missile
b)India’s first  nuclear test (Pokhran-1)
c)India’s first nuclear submarine 
d)Prithvi –III
e)India’s second nuclear test (Pokhran-2)
17. Which of the following State Assembly in India has no Opposition members?
a)Arunachal Pradesh    b)Kerala    c)Orissa    d)Sikkim   e)none of these
18. ‘Brahmos -1’ is a _______________________?
a)short range ballistic missile
b)Air to Air missile
c)Supersonic cruise missile
d)Hypersonic cruise missile
e)none of these
19.  ‘000’ is national emergency number in which of the following countries?
a)US    b)Japan   c)Australia    d)Russia   e)France
20.  ____________ is the only continent without deserts (Areas that gets less than 25 cm. of rain in a year are classified as deserts)?
a)Oceania    b)North America    c)South America    d)Europe   e)none of these
2 Q : Other Non-UN members - Turkish Cyprus, Sahrawi Arab Demo.Rep.(S.A.D.R)
4 Q : the 15 countries are :  Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. 
18 Q : Brahmos -2 is a Hypersonic Cruise Missile.


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15. India’s first nuclear test explosion (Pokhran-1) conducted in the year is 1974 and not 1987

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answer for question 1 i.e astrosat will be launched in 2011. by