Wednesday, December 9, 2009

General Knowledge 2009 - 35

1. Which Country has honoured the International Freedom Award to ‘Dalai Lama’?
a)US   b)India    c)Russia   d)UK   e)none of these

2. The Minimum Support Price(MSP) for Common variety Paddy is ____?
a)850    b)900    c)950   d)1050    e)1080

3. Who has been presented the ‘2009 Golden Pen of Freedom Prize’?
a)Najam Sethi   b)Xavier Vidal-Folch   c)Rajdeep Sardesai   d)Vikram Chandra   e)none

4. US has decided to quit Afghanistan by the Year ________?
a)2011    b)2012   c)2014   d)2015   e)2017

5. Who has been awarded the ‘Golden Ball Award’for the year 2009?
a)Cristiano  Ronaldo   b)Lionel Messi   c)Kaka   d)Ronaldinho   e)Fabio Cannavaro

6. The First International Cruise Ship launched in which of the following places in India?
a)Vishakhapatnam   b)Mumbai   c)Kochi   d)Goa   e)none of these

7. The amalgamation of RRB’s is recommended by ______________ Committee?
a)Rangarajan Committee   b)Rakesh Mohan    c)Pranab Mukherjee    d)Vyas    e)none of these

8. Sonia Gandhi Placed at which place in the World’s 100 most powerful women compiled by Forbes Magazine?
a)3rd    b)7th    c)9th    d)11th    e)13th

9. The Nobel Peace Prize winner Kim Dae-jung died on August 2009. He was the former president of which Country?
a)Japan   b)South Korea    c)North Korea   d)China   e)Myanmar

10. Who has been appointed an honorary member of the Order of Australia?
a)Adam Gilchrist   b)Sourav Ganguly   c)Ricky Pointing   d)Brain Lara   e)SteveWaugh

11. Who wrote the book “India : From Midnight to the Millennium and Beyond”?
a)V S Naipaul    b)Chetan Bhagat    c)Shashi Tharoor    d)Amartya Sen   e)Abdul Kalam

12. Who won the Montreal Masters Final 2009?
a)Andy Murray    b)Andy Roddick   c)Rafael Nadal    d)J M Del Potro   e)Novak Djokovic

13. Which of the following statement is not true?
a)England defeated Australia to win the Ashes Series
b)Sonia Sotomayor was the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice of  U.S.A
c)Barcelona won the the UEFA Super Cup
d)Sunita Narain has been chosen for 2009 Raja Lakshmi Award
e)All are Correct.

14. A/c to 2001 Census, which state had the largest percentage of Hindus?
a)Andhra Pradesh    b)Uttar Pradesh    c)Himachal Pradesh   d)Madhya Pradesh   e)none

15. Recently Brad Hodge has announced his retirement from International Cricket. He belongs to which country?
a)England   b)New Zealand   c)Australia   d)South Africa   e)none

16. At Which of the following Places is the Indian Standard Time(IST) is determined?
a)New Delhi   b)Allahabad    c)Mumbai   d)Hyderabad   e)Kolkata

17. Which Country won the Hockey Series against India in August 2009?
a)South Korea    b)Pakistan   c)Germany    d)England   e)Syria

18. Which of the following countries had handed over Macau to China?
a)Russia    b)Japan    c)South Korea   d)Portugal   e)Germany

19. Which of the following cities is considered as the easiest city to do Business a report by International Finance Corporation?
a)Ludhiana    b)Hyderabad    c)Bhubaneswar    d)Jaipur    e)Guwahati

20. Who is the only Finance Minister to become the President of India?
a)Zakir Hussain    b)R Venkataraman    c)Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed    d)Shankar Dayal Sharma   e)Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan


Aditya said...

3.A Najam Sethi, the former Editor-in-Chief of the Friday Times and Daily Times, Pakistan, was presented the “2009 Golden Pen of Freedom,” the annual press freedom prize of the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), during the opening ceremony of the 62nd World Newspaper Congress and 16th World Editors’ Forum (WEF).

16.B Indian Standard Time is calculated on the basis of 82.5° E longitude, which is just west of the town of Mirzapur, near Allahabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh.


jyoti said...

Dear varun,
thanks for posting these useful question's,hope these r helpfull for my prep of bank po.If possible pls send these ques to my mail id.

dibyajit bordoloi said...

@5 messi got footballer of the year 2009
cristiano ronaldo wins golden ball 2009

varun reddy said...

Follow only known and trusted websites(like times of india, Hindu,etc,..).

dibyajit bordoloi said...

who got golden foot or boot award 2009?
i was confused ronaldhino or ronaldo???

varun reddy said...

Golden Foot Award 2009 - Ronaldinho(Brazil)