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Quiz on 2009-10 Summits - 33

1. Which Country hosted the 15th ASEAN Summit in 2009?
a)Singapore   b)Thailand   c)Malaysia   d)Philippines   e)Bali

2. Which of the following Countries will host the G20 Summit in 2010?
a)Canada    b)Pittsburg    c)London   d)Australia   e)South Korea

3. The first ever EU-Pakistan summit held at __________?
a)Islamabad    b)Sharm EL Sheikh   c)Brussels    d)London  e)none of these 

4. In 2009 Italy hosted which of the following summits?
a)G-5    b)G-8    c)G-77   d)G-20   e)none of these

5. The 2009 NAM summit held at ________?
a)Havana    b)Sharm El Sheikh   c)Tehran   d) Rio De Janeiro   e) Delhi

6. Which Country will host the XXXI Olympics in 2016?
a)UK   b)Greece    c)Brazil    d)South Korea   e)none of these

7. The 155th OPEC meeting is slated to be held in December 2009 at ___________?
a)Venezuela    b)UAE    c)Qatar   d)Angola   e)Nigeria

8. Which Country will host the United Nations Climate Change Conference(UNCCC) in December 2009?
a)India    b)US   c)China   d)Japan   e)Denmark

9. The Indian Economic Summit 2009 held at which of the following cities?
a)Delhi    b)Chennai    c)Hyderabad    d)Bangalore    e)Mumbai

10. The APEC 2009 summit was held in which of the following countries?
a)Singapore    b)Peru    c)Japan   d)US   e)Indonesia

11. The eighth Indo-Gulf Conference held in _________?
a)Hyderabad    b)Delhi   c)Thiruvananthapuram    d)Lucknow    e)Chennai

12. The First ever BRIC Summit in 2009 held at which of the following countries?
a)Egypt   b)Russia   c)China   d)Brazil   e)India

13. Pittsburg have been hosted which of the following summits in 2009?
a)G-5    b)G-8    c)G-77    d)G-20   e)US-Pakistan

14. The 10th India-EU Summit in 2009 held in________?
a)Brussels   b)Davos   c)Delhi    d)London   e)Bengaluru

15. The UNSC (United Nations Security Council) Summit in 2009 held in which of the following countries?
a)USA   b)Russia   c)China   d)France   e)UK

16. The Second Africa-South America(ASA) summit in 2009 held in ___________?
a)Venezuela    b)Brazil    c)Egypt   d)South Africa   e)Nigeria

17. The 7th Indo-ASEAN Bilateral Summit held in_______?
a)Japan   b)Singapore   c)Philippines   d)Thailand   e)Malaysia

18. The 2009 EU–USA Summit held at ________?
a)London    b)Brussels   c)Prague   d)Pittsburg   e)Washington

19. The Fourth East-ASEAN Summit in 2009 held in_________?
a)Cha-am Hua Hin    b)Hanoi   c)Kuala Lumpur   d)Singapore   e)none of these

20. Which Country hosted the SCO(Shanghai Cooperation Organization) in 2009?
a)China   b)Tajikistan   c)Russia   d)Kazakhstan   e)Kyrgyzstan

1st question   ::  ASEAN Summit in 2010 - Hanoi(Vietnam).
2nd question  :: G-20 Summit in April 2009 - London, September 2009 - Pittsburg
                                                       June 2010  - Canada,  November 2009 - South Korea

4th question   :: G-8 Summit in 2010 - Canada
                                                  in 2011 - France
12th question :: BRIC summit in 2010 - Brazil.


Aditya said...

1.B The 15th ASEAN Summit was held from October 23-25, 2009, in Hua Hin, Cha Am,Thailand.

2. A & E BOTH. The leaders of the world 20 largest economies will meet in Canada in June and Korea in November for economic policy coordination. G-20 leaders will gather once a year for a routine summit starting 2011. In the interim year of 2010, Canada and South Korea will host two rounds in June and November respectively. South Korea assumes the forum chairmanship next year.

So varun put option both A & E

3.C The first EU-Pakistan Summit was held in Brussels on 17 June 2009. The EU was represented by President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan was represented by President Asif Ali Zardari.

4.B Italy hosted The 35th G8 summit on July 8–10, 2009.

5.B Sharm El Sheikh, July 11-16, 2009
7.D 155th (Extraordinary) Meeting of the OPEC Conference 22 December 2009 At Luanda, Angola. 156th (Ordinary) Meeting of the OPEC Conference 17 March 2010 At Vienna, Austria.

8.E The United Nations Climate Change Conference will take place at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, between December 7 and December 18, 2009

19.A held on 25 October 2009 in Cha-am and Hua Hin, Thailand.The Fourth East Asia Summit was rescheduled several times, had its venue changed and one attempt to hold it was cancelled due to the 2008–2009 Thai political crisis.


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