Monday, December 21, 2009

General Knowledge Quiz 2009 - 38

1. Who has been awarded the Koya National Journalism Award 2009?
a)A.G Noornani   b) Arvind Goswami    c)Barkha Dutt   d)both a & b   e)both a & c
2. Who is the Richest Person in India?
a)Anil Ambani(3)     b)Lakshmi Mittal(2)    c)Mukhesh Ambani    d)K P Singh(5)   e)Azim Premji(4)
3. Which of the following Newspapers have largest circulation (daily) in India ?
a)Dainik Jagran(2)    b)The Hindu(4)    c)Malayala Manorama(3)    d)Times of India    e)none of these.
4. Bilal Nazki is the new Chief Justice of which High Court?
a)Orissa    b)Madhya Pradesh   c)Gujarat    d)Uttaranchal   e)none of these
5. Which Indian Bank(PSB) has decided to open branch in Belgium and Offices in Uk & Canda?
a)SBI   b)Union Bank of India    c)PNB    d)Canara Bank   e)Bank of Baroda
6. Who has been declared the winner of the prestigious Moortidevi award 2007?
a)Krishna Mishra    b)Satyavarat  Shastri    c)Prathiba Ray     d)Veerappa Moily   e)Ravindra Kalia
7. Human Development Index is published annually by _________?
a)WHO    b)UNDP    c)UNCTAD    d)UNESCO   e)none of these
8. Recently which country tested the Shahab 3 missile?
a)North Korea    b)Pakistan    c)Iran    d)Kuwait   e)UAE
9. What is the full form of BMD which is news recently?
a)Business Management Development
b)Ballistic Manufacturing Defence
c)Bombay Missile Defence
d)Ballistic Missile Defence
e)Body Mass Development
10. Irani Cup is associated with?
a)Hockey   b)Football   c)Chess    d)Badminton    e)Cricket
11. Swati Piramal is associated with?
12. Which Country is planning to build world’s third largest mosque?
a)Kuwait    b)Algeria     c)Dubai    d)Iran   e)none of these
13. Which Organization has released a stamp on Mahatma Gandhi?
a)World Bank    b)IMF   c)UN   d)UNESCO    e)ADB
14. Which Country has recently launched Defence Satellites?
a)Germany    b)Canda    c)US    d)Russia    e)none of these
15. National Income in India is estimated by _________?
a)Planning Commission    b)Finance Commission    c)Survey of India   d)Central Statistical Organization   e)Indian Statistical Organization
16. How much is allocated by government for strengthening basic science research in institutions in higher learning’s?
a)800 crore   b)500 crore    c)1200 crore   d)1000 crore   e)none of these
17. Who has been elected as the Chairman of ABC(Audit Bureau of Circulations)?
a)Vijay Drada    b)Subroto Chattopadhyay   c)Shobana Bhartiya    d)Kurush Grant   e)Shailesh Seth
18. Pradeep Shinde has recently passed away. He was the famous ________?
a)Journalist     b)writer    c)Singer     d)Photographer    e)Actor
19. Which of the following countries is not a member of G-5 a group of emerging countries?
a)India   b)China    c)Brazil   d)Mexico   e)All are members(South Africa -5th member)
20. Late YS Rajasekhar Reddy the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh belongs to which national party?
a)INC    b)TDP    c)PRP    d)BJP   e)TRS

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